Government of New Brunswick

Water levels in the St. John River and tributaries rise markedly over a period of several weeks each spring. The River Watch partners work together to assess conditions, forecast water levels and inform the public about potential threats from flooding and ice damage. The aim is to protect human life, public safety and to minimize costs associated with flood damages.




Bulletins are issued on a routine basis and reflect general conditions that can be expected for the reporting period. These are for information.  No actions are required.




Advisories are issued when conditions are expected to remain below the criteria for warning, but may cause inconvenience or minor disruptions to normal activities.




Watch means conditions are favourable for minor disruptions to normal activities. Precautionary steps should be taken to reduce potential loss or damage. Watches are intended to heighten public awareness of the potential impact of events.




A warning means an event is certain or is IMMINENT. Measures should be taken to safeguard life and property IMMEDIATELY.

    Water Level Advisory

Water levels are rising or expected to rise and the potential for minor flooding in low-lying areas is possible.
Anyone situated close to water courses could be affected (campers, anglers, fishers, boaters and the general public). The public should be advised to be cautious of rising water levels.

    Flood Watch

Water levels are rising and will approach or may exceed the watercourse banks.
Flooding of areas adjacent to watercourses may occur. Anyone situated close to identified watercourses should take precautionary measures to protect their property from rising waters.

    Flood Warning

Rising water will result in flooding of areas adjacent to identified watercourses. Anyone situated close to these areas must take appropriate measures to protect themselves and their property from flood waters.