Auditor General of New Brunswick

We are interested in hearing from you! If you are interested in employment opportunities at AGNB, please email your cover letter and resume to:

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 Office of the Auditor General
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Career Opportunities

Role of the Auditor General

Our office is administered under the Auditor General Act. This Act gives the Auditor General a number of responsibilities, which can be summarized as follows:

1. to audit the accounts of the Province and certain Crown agencies, and to express an opinion on their financial statements;

2. to review the financial statements and management letters of Crown agencies not audited by the Auditor General and, at the Auditor General's discretion, to examine the working papers of these organizations' auditors; and

3. to report annually to the Legislative Assembly on the work of the office.

The Auditor General is an officer of the New Brunswick Legislative Assembly. The Auditor General assists the Legislative Assembly in holding the government accountable, by reporting on its stewardship of public funds and resources. This is accomplished by providing opinions on financial statements, by issuing the Auditor General's annual report to the Legislative Assembly and by appearing before its Standing Committees on Public Accounts and Crown Corporations.

Variety of audits

Perhaps you are wondering about the audit mix at AGNB; that is, what type of operation would you be auditing as a member of our staff? We believe we have a mix of assignments to challenge you.

The audits performed by AGNB cover a wide array of activities as the operations of the various departments of the Government of New Brunswick impact on every sector in our society. We review government activities in education, economic development, farming, fishing, forestry, mining, health, human resources development, labour, municipal affairs, environment, tourism and transportation.

Our audits also include agencies throughout the Province representing various types of operations such as educational institutions, legal aid services, municipal finance, lotteries, crop insurance, research and regional development.


We have a staff of twenty-five to accomplish our mandate. Our resources extend beyond AGNB, however. Through an association with the legislative auditors in other provinces and the federal Auditor General, we have access to various training and technical materials. Meetings and discussions among the offices permit an interchange of information. As a result our office could be considered as one of eleven in a partnership which extends across Canada.

Language of work

Written and spoken competence in English is essential for employment at AGNB. Since the Government of New Brunswick conducts business in both official languages (English and French), competence in both languages is essential for a certain number of our staff members.

Student Training

Some of our proudest moments as an office are seeing our employees reach their professional goals of obtaining their accounting designations. We take our commitment to foster employee student success very seriously.

AGNB offers practical experience training for our employees enrolled in the CPA Atlantic School of Business education programs. The CPA Atlantic School of Business is responsible for delivering and administering in the Atlantic provinces all education courses necessary to obtain the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation. Further information on the details of the CPA student education process and courses are available on the CPA Atlantic School of Business website

We offer direct support to students in their learning by providing assistance with education costs, relevant on the job training and through offering a preparatory course for the final evaluation examination. Indirect assistance is also offered throughout the education program. AGNB encourages recent new designates to provide assistance and mentoring to current students (through marking practice examinations and other activities).

Assistance Toward Educational Costs

Substantial assistance is provided for student education costs. Time off with pay is provided for summer school and approved professional development courses.

AGNB encourages staff with professional designations to continue their education and provides financial assistance to help in an approved program of self-development.

In-house Training

AGNB supplements these professional programs with a series of in-house courses. These include a staff orientation course, courses on audit skills and techniques, and training in the use of specialized computer software.

The learning process does not end on receipt of the professional designation. Professional staff are encouraged to take courses in speciality areas to better equip them for the work required of the Office.

Career Opportunities

Your job responsibilities will increase as you gain experience in the office and progress through your courses.  Professional positions in the office include senior auditor, audit supervisor and audit director.

There are career opportunities in our office after you receive your professional designation. We hope you will stay and grow with us. However, your training as a professional accountant and experience in our office will prepare you for other career alternatives. Former members of our staff are now employed in senior positions in various government departments and agencies, some are in public practice, others are employed by our universities and some are in senior positions in the private sector.

Performance Review

It is our belief that staff should be periodically told how they are performing through on the job feedback and through a formal evaluation process. We believe staff should be given an opportunity to provide input into the development process.

At the beginning of the review period a performance plan is prepared jointly by senior personnel and those whose performance is to be evaluated. This defines the major responsibilities of staff, performance expectations and the key result areas. Periodic reviews compare actual performance with expected performance and identify areas where improvements can be made.


We offer competitive salaries to all levels of staff. Salaries are reviewed at least annually and are revised on the basis of your performance at AGNB and progression in your studies.


A comprehensive benefits package is available to employees. This includes medical and dental coverage, group life and disability insurance, and a pension plan.

Employees are entitled to three weeks’ vacation with pay with one year's service. This increases to four weeks after eight years.


Most of our audit work is performed centrally in Fredericton, the provincial capital. However, some travel is required to review the operation of district or branch offices of various government departments or agencies throughout the Province. Travel is distributed among staff so that time away from Fredericton is not excessive.


Overtime may be required from time to time but is generally minimal.


We hope this information has given you some insight into AGNB. We hope you will wish to further explore the opportunities in our office. If so please contact Deidre Green, our Deputy Auditor General ([email protected]).