Government of New Brunswick


The pilot program is a provincial human resources program designed to recognize New Brunswick organizations that strive to ensure equality in the workplace.


This program is open to all businesses, organizations and workplaces operating in New Brunswick


The program is a pilot program designed to engage employers to reduce their workplace wage gap through strengthening workplace equality.

By building a business plan that supports a diverse workplace, progressive employers are attracting from a larger pool of talent and projecting a more positive public image that will gain support from today’s more socially conscious consumers and clients.

In an increasingly competitive labour market, employers need to utilize its entire workforce to their full potential. Women who are not employed to their full potential represent more than just a wage gap – they represent a productivity gap.

Due to the crucial importance of equality in the workplace, the program has been created to recognize those employers who ensure equality is upheld.

In addition to the employer benefits, workplaces that demonstrate the program may also:

• Achieve a more representative workforce at all levels;
• Achieve enhanced creativity and innovation through workplace diversity;
• Improve organizational policies and practices;
• Improve organizational reputation;
• Be perceived as an attractive workplace;
• Be better equipped to meet the demands of a diverse client base through having a diverse workforce;
• Achieve enhanced customer experience. When employees perceive their company as a fair, respectful and trustworthy employer, it positively impacts staff attitudes and behaviours which can in turn lead to a more positive customer experience;
• Be more attractive to female clients and consumers.

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