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GBA+ (gender-based analysis plus) is an evidence-based tool that is designed to help us ask questions, challenge assumptions, and identify potential impacts (both intended and unintended), by considering the diversity of all New Brunswickers. 

GBA+ allows us to assess how diverse groups of people of all genders may be affected by policies, programs & initiatives. 

GBA+ focuses on the equality of outcomes and recognizes that equal opportunities do not always create equal results.  

The plus (+) indicates that gender-based analysis goes beyond considerations of sex and gender to also include a range of intersectional identity characteristics, including: race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, geography, culture, income, sexual orientation, language, and education. 



  • strengthens decision-making by taking the different realities of gender experiences into account;
  • recognizes that gender is different for every person and that gender identity is just one, of many, intersectional identities, i.e. not all women, nonbinary folks, and men have the same experiences;
  • recognizes that equal opportunity does not necessarily mean equal results;
  • challenges assumptions before making important decisions;
  • more accurately measure impacts and outcomes based on differing gender needs, roles, life experiences, and economic and social circumstances, and
  • helps develop more equitable, inclusive options when biases or inequities are identified.


Below are resources to help you use Gender-Based Analysis Plus in your work:

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