FREDERICTON (GNB) – New Brunswickers of all ages are invited to come together and celebrate Intergenerational Day on June 1.

The day is an opportunity to create a more age-friendly society by giving older adults and youth a chance to connect and better understand each other. It is intended as a chance to celebrate the wealth of experience and knowledge that seniors contribute to society as well as a time for different generations to share and learn from each other.

“Intergenerational Day is a great time to reduce loneliness and isolation, which can affect both seniors and young people,” said Social Development Minister Bruce Fitch. “It is especially important to start rekindling these relationships after spending so much time apart due to the pandemic.”

Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Dominic Cardy also hopes New Brunswickers will take time to learn on June 1.

“This day is an opportunity for New Brunwickers of all ages to learn from one another,” said Cardy. “It is important for our students and future leaders to learn the lived history of our beautiful province. It is also an opportunity for them to share their experiences and visions for the future with older generations. I encourage everyone to come together on June 1 and share their knowledge.”

Fitch said the day is a perfect time to check on a neighbour, say hello to a friend, or visit a grandparent or older family member.

“You could also send a card, play a game, do a craft, read a story, or have a meal together,” he said. “These celebrations do not have to end on June 1. Intergenerational connections are important all year. Children are our future and our older generations help us stay connected to our past. Together they can create a vibrant, happy community. I thank those who will take the time to recognize this special day and show that the caring and compassionate nature of New Brunswickers goes beyond the pandemic.”

Intergenerational Day began nearly thirteen years ago, when a teacher from British Columbia was working on a project with students that focused on awareness and prevention of elder abuse. The idea of bringing younger and older people together grew from there. Now more than 100 cities and 12 provinces and territories observe the day.