Government of New Brunswick


Government has reviewed the outcomes from the Forestry Summit New Brunswick’s Forest Industry: Fundamentals for Future Competitiveness and, as part of its strategy to create a healthy and vibrant New Brunswick forest sector, established two task forces, one for the definition of timber objectives on Crown land and the other for private land. This document contains the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Crown Land Task Force.



The purpose of the Crown Land Task Force is two-fold:

  1. collaboratively define and clarify the key elements and considerations associated with defining a timber objective for New Brunswick Crown land and
  2. make recommendations by July 1, 2011, to the Minister of Natural Resources for a specific timber objective on New Brunswick Crown land that takes into account the various stakeholder viewpoints, DNR mandates and values associated with the province’s Crown forest.



Crown Land Task Force members are appointed by the Minister for the period Feb. 1, 2011, to July 31, 2011. Individuals will be appointed on the basis of their impartiality and their ability to contribute in a constructive manner to the definition of a timber objective for New Brunswick Crown land. Members will be able and willing to devote adequate time to meeting the objectives of the task force. The chairperson will be responsible for leading the task force and ensuring that the objectives are met. The task force will include:

  • Norman Betts (chairperson of the Crown Land Task Force)
  • Andrea Feunekes (member-at-large) and Roger Clinch (member-at-large)


Duties and responsibilities of task force members

  • To review existing reports including the 2004 Select Committee on Wood Supply report, the 2008 Management Alternatives for New Brunswick’s Public Forest report by the Task Force on Forest Diversity and Wood Supply (Erdle Task Force) and, the Crown Land and Forest Act, the New Brunswick Biodiversity Strategy, the Solange Nadeau report entitled Public Views on Forest Management in New Brunswick: Report from a Provincial Survey, the 2008 Woodbridge- Roberts report Future Opportunities for the Forest Products Industry in New Brunswick.
  • To build upon these existing reports in defining and recommending a timber objective for Crown land.



The Crown Land Task Force shall seek input from First Nations and stakeholders
relevant to the New Brunswick forest sector including industry and non-governmental


Reporting Structure

The Crown Land Task Force shall make monthly progress reports to the Department of Natural Resources through the chairperson. Final recommendations will be made to the Minister of Natural Resources.