Government of New Brunswick

Crownland includes all or any part of land (including land covered by water) that is not privately owned in the Province of New Brunswick. Crown land is managed by various New Brunswick government departments. This page refers to Crown land administered and controlled by the Minister of Natural Resources and Energy Development.

Occasional use of Crown land generally does not require formal authorization. Some examples of occasional use are: hiking, biking, picnicking, geocaching, canoeing and overnight camping.

Extended use of Crown land or activities that involve development on Crown land require formal authorization. This authorization may be given after a review, by issuing a formal document known as a lease, easement, or license. Some examples of these activities include: campsites, right of way, and commercial/industrial activities

Crown land is rarely sold and then only by public tender through the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Once a completed application is submitted, it is evaluated for completeness. Should the application meet the basic requirements, a comprehensive review will be conducted. This review could take from 6 to 21 weeks. If approved, an offer letter will be sent informing of any additional requirements.