FREDERICTON (GNB) – Residents in five of New Brunswick’s 12 new rural districts still have a chance to put their names forward to represent their communities.

As part of local governance reform, 12 new rural districts have been created, along with 77 local governments. Since there were no candidates for eight of the 38 positions for rural district advisory councillors in the Nov. 28 special election, an application process is taking place; the closing deadline is Dec. 20.

“Being part of a rural district advisory council is an excellent opportunity to be involved in your community,” said Local Government and Local Governance Reform Minister Daniel Allain. “Members of the advisory council will play an important role in representing their residents. I encourage anyone of voting age in these districts to put their name forward and make a difference.”

Vacancies exist on the advisory councils of the following rural districts:

  • Chaleur Rural District (Ward 1 – one position)
  • Fundy Rural District (Ward 2 – two positions)
  • Kings Rural District (Ward 1 – one position)
  • Southeast Rural District (at large – two positions)
  • Western Valley Rural District (Ward 2 – two positions)

The new rural districts will be officially established on Jan. 1, 2023. Advisory councils will represent the interests of their districts and serve as advisers to the minister on local and regional decisions. Each rural district will be administered by a rural district manager.

Rural districts were established to ensure that people without local government representation continue to receive services, such as emergency measures, police, fire, land use planning, animal control, management of dangerous or unsightly premises, and solid waste management. These services are co-ordinated by the provincial government through a rural district manager.

More information on roles, responsibilities, remuneration and the application process, is available online or by calling 506-453-6285.