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Karen Baggs
Sunny Brae Middle School

Karen Baggs has been an educator for over 30 years and is currently a much beloved math teacher at Sunny Brae Middle School. Karen works diligently every day to ensure the personal success of all of her students by differentiating lessons to meet the diverse needs in her classroom. Karen researches each student skills, needs, and interests to know where the student is in the learning journey, then plans appropriate pathways to help that student gain as much knowledge and skills as possible during their time in her class. Karen’s students are continuously engaged in significant and contextualized learning activities which challenge and support them to grow into independent lifelong learners who are able to problem solve in the real world. Simply put, students thrive under her guidance.

When it comes to leadership, Karen offers an abundance of supports for novice educators and continuously has her door open for staff members to pick her brain on classroom management and promising teaching practices. Karen provides valuable input for any teacher who reaches out to her. Given her obvious skill, teachers from other schools come to observe Karen in action, and all are amazed at her energy, teaching, and her desire to help each student.

Karen’s positive and kind demeanor ensures that each and every student and staff member at Sunny Brae feels welcome and safe. Karen embodies excellence in teaching and in life.


Margo Belliveau
Bernice MacNaughton High School

Margo Belliveau has been an educator for over 25 years. As a valued member of the French Second Language (FSL) team at Bernice MacNaughton High School, Margo is unmatched in her openness to new ideas, strategies, and pedagogical approaches. Margo is a life-long learner who exudes professionalism, both in and out of the classroom. Her tireless quest to support students learning is commendable while also highly motivating to others. Her positivity, and openness to constantly improve her practice has caused Margo’s students to adore her and trust her implicitly.

Margo is seen as a visionary who is constantly questioning how she can apply new strategies to best benefit her students. She cultivates connections with all her students and values how these connections can impact their learning. Margo is intentional in her practice and draws on students’ personal experiences and current realities to make learning as relevant as possible. She also holds high expectations in her classroom but ensures these expectations are clear, achievable, and supported.

Margo’s passion for teaching is truly inspiring and her dedication and drive for enhancing student learning is unmatched.


Krista Page
Max Aitken Academy

Krista Page has been an administrator for the past 25 years, and an educator for over 30 years. As the current vice-principal at Max Aitken Academy, Krista plays a significant role in early development of the students she serves.  She is passionate about sourcing and applying innovative educational practices and is a school champion for early literacy education for all. Krista is determined to provide the best possible educational experiences for her students each day, while also being intentional in supporting the elementary staff in applying strong pedagogical practices.

Krista also leads many of the in-school, and after school, programs. Krista has organized after school cooking clubs, provided after school homework help, and is a leader for staff team-building activities. These supports help students and staff alike to to reach their potential in all aspects of learning.

Krista’s dedication to education is evident in all she does for students and the greater Max Aitken School community. Her commitment to student success is genuine and she makes it her mission, every day, to promote a positive learning environment and make Max Aitken Academy a great place to learn and grow.

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Lori Johnson
Dalhousie Regional High School

Lori Johnson been a valued educator and administrator at Dalhousie Regional High School for 25 years. Throughout her tenure, Lori has exhibited patience, warmth, caring and enthusiasm towards each and every student who enrolls in her school. Lori’s true gift is her ability to develop life-long relationships with students. Students and parents, near and far, seek guidance and reassurance from Lori due to her honesty, sage guidance, and commitment to the learners which continues long after students have crossed the stage and become honored alumni.

Lori continuously demonstrates her commitment to a positive and healthy learning environment with her involvement in numerous school-wide committees and activities. As the DRHS Athletics Director, Lori organizes: all sports, registration fees, uniforms, schedules, and supports athletes, coaches and more. Lori also sits on the NBIAA Executive as the Northern Conference A Representative and has mentored many athletes who have gone on to coach and volunteer in their adult lives.

Lori is the type of leader that every school deserves and, through her example, exemplifies the true meaning of Condor Spirit. 


Bridget Miller
Quispamsis Middle School

Bridget Miller has been a passionate and dedicated educator for over 25 years and is an highly valued member of the Quispamsis Middle School community, Bridget has established a culture of high expectations for learners by challenging and supporting her students to build problem-solving and teamwork skills while also fostering critical thinking and promoting the pursuit of life-long learning. Bridget’s recent "Drive-Thru Poppy Campaign" illustrated great imagination and persistence.  This provided students with an opportunity to problem solve around a national issue while also partnering with a local organization.

Bridget has been an essential member of the Remembrance Day Ceremony organizing committee and the Grade 8 Moving-On Dance committee.  She acted as a chaperone on many Grade 8 Quebec trips, and is a lead member of the Year End Awards committee. Her approachable, positive and compassionate manner has gained Bridget the respect of students, families and colleagues.

Bridget’s leadership within the school and the greater community has been exemplary and serves as a model for others to emulate.


Emily Somers
St. Stephen High School

Emily Somers has been a much-beloved educator at St. Stephen High School for over 20 years. Her classroom has become a place for her students to grow and flourish.  It is also a place where students are comfortable taking risks and is a place for growing minds to be challenged. Emily works alongside her students, guiding and supporting them on their educational paths and, when the time is right, she steps back and proudly watches them continue to grow.

Emily supports many clubs, groups and enrichment opportunities. Through her work with the GREEN group at St. Stephen High School, Emily has motivated her students to take real action in their school and community, all in the face of the daunting challenges posed by the climate crisis. As Director of the Drama club, her commitment to, and belief in, her students has helped many to develop the confidence to pursue their personal dreams.

Emily has inspired her students as well as many of her fellow educators.  Her inspiration promotes respect for others, kindness, and the belief in the ability to aspire to great things.


Scott Legge
St. Stephen High School

Scott Legge is a highly valued and dedicated educator at St. Stephen High School. His commitment to providing students with inclusive instruction and educational opportunities which extend beyond the classroom walls can be considered second to none. Whether he is on the field coaching, in the classroom teaching, or on the tour-bus leading travel groups, Scott takes advantage of every possible teachable moment to promote life skill development or provide innovative technological instruction.

Scott is considered by many of his peers to be a master of enrichment. He has developed or administered innovative classes or programs such as: Leadership, Bobcat TV, Spartan TV, Beyond the Hurt, Cybersecurity, and the Idea Centre. Scott’s mixture of creative thinking and idea building provides the perfect recipe for student-led learning opportunities and innovative course offerings.

Scott is a dedicated teacher and community member who has made a huge impact on many lives.


April-Dawn Lanteigne
Sunbury West School

As a dedicated member of the Sunbury West School Educational Support Services team, April-Dawn Lanteigne is highly respected for her drive, determination, and passion. April-Dawn uses her willingness to learn, knowledge, and life experiences, to guide and support her students and colleagues.

April-Dawn lives and teaches by the adage “expect a lot, get a lot”. For this reason, students on her caseload are neither defined, nor confined, by a diagnosis. She believes in, and models, the importance of constantly moving forward towards a goal.  This is a reality, regardless of the label a child may carry.  She intentionally focuses on her students’ strength and capabilities and never the limitations.

April-Dawn is the epitome of excellence in education – forever inspiring and encouraging ‘everyone’ to do better.


Holly Brown
Tiny Bubbles Early Learning Centre

As an early childhood educator for over 13 years, Holly Brown has demonstrated a passion for the profession she has chosen, as well as an exceptional aptitude for it.  Adaptable, resourceful, caring, and energetic, Holly identifies and strengthens emerging skill sets in the children and ensures that the individual needs of each child are met. Her approach also guarantees that every child feels valued, and they are thoroughly prepared for subsequent phases of their educational lives.

Holly consistently seeks out professional development opportunities, thereby demonstrating not only a commitment to her profession, but also inspiring her colleagues in their own pursuits.

Holly’s gentle, genuine nature, child-friendly playfulness, and complete commitment to her team, and the “bubbles” in her charge, have not only endeared her to the children she teaches, but to their families and her colleagues.


Tracy Graham
Nackawic High School

Over nearly 20 years of dedicated service, Tracy Graham has had an enormous and positive impact on the students and staff of Nackawic High School. Tracy‘s classroom operates on a culture of high expectations and mutual respect. She consistently models and encourages the fostering of positive relationships between all learners within and beyond the building.

Tracy has illustrated a genuine dedication to lifelong learning and works closely with District Subject Coordinators and Leads to access professional learning opportunities, new resources, and the application of innovative instructional practices via her participation in various professional learning opportunities through the school year and every summer. Tracy is a leader within her Professional Learning Community (PLC) and strives to ensure that all of her colleagues work together to provide high quality learning and assessment opportunities for each and every NHS student.

Tracy’s patient, kind and caring attitude, coupled with an enormous work ethic, have made her an integral, and highly respected part of the NHS team.