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Sharlene Jackson and Shawnee McConchie

Sharlene Jackson and Shawnee McConchie are co-owner/operators and educators at Wonderland Childcare in Norton. Wonderland staff’s deep commitment to early learning and use of effective practices is evident in everything they do. Learning is integrated into every activity. Activities are fun and creative for the children and encourage prosocial behaviours such as the importance of working as a team. One parent commented, “…it is an amazing feeling to walk into a daycare as large as Wonderland and feel that your child is safe and has a sense of belonging.”

Parents describe an incredibly positive learning environment where differences are celebrated.  Wonderland strives to include each child physically, academically and socially while respecting dignity and the need for accommodations. Parents of children with exceptional needs place their complete trust in the staff knowing their children will be given the opportunity to shine.

Staff maintain on-going communication and update parents daily. It is not unusual for parents to receive pictures of their children engaged in various learning activities. The positive relationships built by staff provide opportunities for the children to practice social skills in real world situations. The education and support provided by staff of Wonderland Childcare is perhaps best expressed by one parent, “What more could a parent ask for? People who care, understand and want the best for your children.”

Congratulations to Sharlene, Shawnee, and the staff at Wonderland Childcare!


Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones is the Skilled Trades and Technology teacher at Grand Manan Community School. He brings over twenty years of educational experience to this role, as a teacher, technology SPR, mentor, and acting vice-principal. Andrew has demonstrated a deep commitment to his students and his community. When he became aware that the skilled trades’ teacher was retiring, Andrew pursued an educational leave in this area to ensure the school would continue to be able to continue to provide opportunities for students. Andrew reaches students using real world application, structuring his classes to include a combination of classroom lessons followed by hands-on learning. Safety is paramount to all of Andrew’s lessons; not only the physical safety of students but also by providing a space where students feel welcome and accepted.

Andrew actively pursues opportunities for professional growth and works closely with the community to develop partnerships for quality learning experiences for students. In addition, Andrew actively contributes to his community through participation in Rotary, the Fire Department, Grand Manan Housing, the Hospital Foundation, and the Canadian Business Development Corporation. Andrew has demonstrated excellence in all facets of his profession and his colleagues consider themselves lucky to have him on the GMCS team.

Congratulations Andrew!


Christopher Graham

Christopher Graham is currently a teacher at Saint John High School. With over twenty years experience, he is described as an innovator in delivery, assessment, and incorporating technology into his educational planning. Modeling life-long learning, Christopher regularly takes on new challenges and course offerings to enhance his skills and provide opportunities for students. He is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and uses these skills to help students create personal SMART healthy living goals. His work with the school’s athletic teams has helped them acquire provincial banners. Most recently, he assisted the senior and junior boy’s rugby teams bring home their respective provincial crowns with no injuries; something almost unheard of in this sport.

As a practitioner of current pedagogy in the classroom, Christopher incorporates Universal Design for Learning, formative assessment, and experiential learning to deliver curricula that is innovative and motivational to students. Students are encouraged to strive to achieve individual success and to work as part of a team to complete projects. Colleagues indicate that Christopher adapts his lessons to the needs of his students. Students in his care have achieved provincial records, gained personal bests, and reached goals at national level competitions.

As Christopher’s principal attests, he is “an exceptional teacher and lifelong learner.”

Congratulations Christopher!


Benjamin Kelly

Benjamin Kelly is a teacher at Caledonia Regional High School and holds a supplementary position of responsibility as the lead of innovative design. Providing quality and engaging STEM activities to his students is a passion for Benjamin and he has been instrumental in attaining various grants to make this possible. Benjamin has enriched learning at Caledonia Regional High School through the introduction of dronography, coding, cybersecurity, and game-based education. In addition, he uses social media to strengthen school and community relations and has launched a technology-rich safe space for students to access during noon hour. Benjamin is available to students in this space, giving of his personal time. He has introduced students and staff to the many cross-curricular benefits of mixed and virtual reality education.

Through his roles as a New Pedagogies for Deep Learning team leader, Fresh Grade Champion Teacher, and published educational researcher in Universal Design for Learning, Benjamin embraces and shares the importance of 21st century pedagogy. He adopts each new teaching challenge with professionalism and extends support to his colleagues beyond the classroom. Benjamin is described by his principal as a “gifted educator” and was also the recipient of the 2018 Prime Minister’s Award for teaching excellence in STEM.

Congratulations Benjamin!


Pamela Fowler

Pamela Fowler is a dedicated science teacher at Riverview High School. She is noted for fostering leadership, active citizenship, and an entrepreneurial mindset through networking with community and post-secondary institutions. Many attest to Pamela’s creative approach to teaching environmental science. She encourages her students to engage with environmental issues in many ways including hands-on projects in the community and through global ecological challenges. A colleague describes Pam as, “one of the most trusted and effective teachers of environmental science.” A former student attributes his career in supporting environmental and water issues around the world to his Grade 11 class with Mrs. Fowler.

As a dedicated educator, Pamela understands that learning extends beyond the classroom. Through participation in opportunities such as the provincial Envirothon, Envision Riverview, Universal Design for Learning, and the Saxby Gale project, Pamela nurtures students’ interests and their passion for learning. She regularly invites researchers and post-secondary science students to participate in her classroom and field-based projects. This creates a shared, problem-based approach to solving scientific and societal issues. In addition, Pamela has co-authored a Universal Design for Learning report and is the recipient of an environmental leadership award.

Congratulations Pamela!


Cynthia Harquail

Cynthia Harquail is a classroom teacher and vice-principal at L. E. Reinsborough School and an active member of her school community in Dalhousie. She has many years of experience in education and has supported students as a classroom teacher, literacy mentor, vice-principal, and kindergarten interventionist.

Colleagues describe Cynthia as being the epitome of professionalism and a pillar of the school culture with an infectious laugh and endless energy. She has a consistently friendly and respectful disposition and makes each student feel special. She “strives to develop a community of relationships of place, and of mind for all students and for all staff.” Cynthia has been described as a ‘social entrepreneur.’

As an educator, Cynthia strives to have all students succeed through engaging cross-curricular constructivist lessons, differentiated instruction, inquiry, and masterful use of formative assessment. She has established a noon-hour social skills class and consistently checks in on students experiencing difficulties to maintain their sense of belonging. Cynthia extends learning experiences to the school community by supporting the school choir, variety shows, and Christmas concerts. In memory of her late husband, Cynthia’s annual Rod Harquail Memorial Hockey Tournament has provided over $46,000 of financial aid to families in the community since 2007.

Congratulations Cynthia!


Elizabeth Price

Elizabeth Price is currently a First Nation Education Lead in Miramichi. Her 32 years as an educator began as a teacher in a First Nation community and additional responsibilities have included literacy lead, and literacy subject coordinator. In her current role, Elizabeth supports First Nation students and their communities and works tirelessly to improve our public education system by infusing First Nation perspectives and content.

Elizabeth demonstrates a strong understanding of pedagogy, teamwork, personal accountability, and leadership. Her commitment to education also extends beyond the students in her classroom. Elizabeth organizes and delivers numerous professional learning opportunities for educators ranging from large workshops to modeling a lesson, and helping teachers in the classroom. Just as Elizabeth can build students’ ability to believe in themselves and achieve more, she does the same for the educators with whom she works. The numerous requests for assistance she receives from teachers confirms the effectiveness of her support. A colleague stated, “There are few people in the district that have not been impacted in a positive way by her skills and professionalism.” Many attest to Elizabeth’s passion for education and her unwavering support for students.

Congratulations Elizabeth! 


Beverly Loker-French

Beverly Loker-French has served as principal of Hubbard Avenue Elementary School in Oromocto for the past fourteen years. In addition to her current role, she has supported students as a classroom teacher, vice-principal, and Education Support Teacher for Resource. Beverly has also worked as a consultant on the social studies curriculum with Education and Early Childhood Development.

As a school leader, Beverly successfully promotes and sustains enduring partnerships with nearby First Nation and military communities. Starting her career in a remote First Nation community, Beverly is passionate about First Nation culture and language. She works closely with First Nation enhancement teachers to offer a multitude of rich opportunities to students and staff. Beverly “is willing to listen to ideas and ways to improve children’s learning experiences” and is dedicated to fostering strong partnerships.

As a leader, Beverly is always available to support students and staff. She is described as motherly, encouraging, and giving of her time to all who have the privilege of working with her. One parent appreciated the energy of the school so much that she chose to volunteer to see all that Beverly accomplishes as she gives each student her full attention and respect. This was summed up in her comment that, “Mrs. Loker-French loves her job and is fantastic at it.”

Congratulations Beverly!


Judy Anderson

Judy Anderson has distinguished herself as an exemplary educator at McAdam High School and has devoted over twenty-five years to the students and their families in her community. As a former graduate and valedictorian of McAdam High School, Judy understands the importance of community, connecting with students, and being a mentor to colleagues.

Judy is described as someone who is an early adopter. She is intentional in her use of current strategies, extremely effective in monitoring data and implementing interventions to facilitate student success. She responds to the diverse needs of all students and one colleague describes Judy as being a cheerleader for struggling students. Judy’s principal describes her as a teacher who, “inspires all students to persist and pursue.”

Judy strives to provide students in her community with opportunities for enrichment. Among many examples are: partnerships with the Biology Department at the University of New Brunswick; co-curricular trips; the McAdam High School SPARK (Students Participating in Arts, Recreation, and Knowledge) program; and leading numerous extra-curricular events that support a positive learning and working environment. Judy accomplishes much of this on personal time. Her accomplishments as a teacher as described by her students: “Mrs. Anderson is wicked! She has actually helped me through a great deal, academically and personally. I get it when Mrs. A teaches me.”

Congratulations Judy!


Susan Mabie

Susan Mabie is an exemplary educator and principal of Canterbury High School, a small K-12 rural school.  She appreciates the challenges of operating a small school but has not let this impede her desire to provide outstanding curricular and non-curricular opportunities for students. She has been described as a dedicated worker who goes above and beyond for her students. Whether it be the initiation of a breakfast program, fundraisers to reduce the financial burden of extra-curricular opportunities, or having the culinary class provide meals to students when the cafeteria withdrew its contract; Susan meets each challenge head on.

In addition, Susan also ensures that the learning environment at Canterbury High School meets the needs of all students. She provides on-going professional learning to staff members in areas such as formative assessment, enhanced resources for learning, and personalized learning practices. Susan optimizes opportunities available in a K-12 school to monitor student data to determine areas for growth. She offers many opportunities for student recognition, fostering a climate of community in her school, and encouraging all students to take on new challenges. Her collaborative approach empowers staff to be involved in determining the vision and expectations of the school. Susan is best described as someone who is, “hard working, determined, visionary and dedicated.”

Congratulations Susan!