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District Awards


Denis Boudreau, ASD-N

Denis Boudreau is a K-4 teacher at Lord Beaverbrook School. He is kind- hearted, positive, motivated, and a genuine leader and learner. He has completed the District Leadership Development Program and is a certified basketball coach. Denis taught overseas for two years with the Department of National Defence and has fostered a global perspective with his students. He has attended conferences with the Educational Collaborative for International Schools and has involved students in iEarn global projects. He has also organized numerous school-wide and after-school activities such as the Holiday Tree Project, floor curl, and Winter Carnival. As a relentless learner himself, his subject knowledge in language arts and math are exemplary and his boundless energy and enthusiasm continues to make learning fun for all of his students.

Mr. Denis, as he is referred to by his students, goes out of his way to make connections with students, families, and colleagues. He encourages students to dream big and take risks using an “I can” attitude. His compassion, sense of humour, and congenial manner create a positive atmosphere of mutual respect and support which radiates wherever Denis goes.


Charlotte Love, ASD-E

Charlotte Love is a physical education teacher at Riverview High School. She is an innovative educator and leader who is always focussed on doing what is best for her students and her community. She is a tireless learner who is especially adept at creating programs that meet literacy, numeracy, and physical needs. She created a Yoga 110 course where students are able to step out of their comfort zones because they trust her and learn to trust each other. Charlotte has a passion and commitment for health and wellness. She engages with students academically, physically, and emotionally on a daily basis. She started the “Walk a Mile in Your Own Shoes” program to encourage students to put away electronic devices and go outside for a mile-long walk at lunch hour.

Charlotte models empathy, humility, and tolerance for others and she empowers students to learn and share their knowledge and skills. Her students give back to the community through Peace Projects where they organize and raise money for local youth-related charities while living the beliefs that Charlotte has modelled. She has also provided students opportunities to be involved in a variety of other community charitable events such as Run for the Cure and the Royal Road for Kids. Charlotte’s philosophy is to inspire students to give whatever is their best each day.


Maria Gillis, ASD-E

Maria Gillis has worked with children for more than thirty years. Her reputation for high quality, loving, and educational learning is exceptional. The Unicorn Children’s Centre participated in the pilot project to create and implement the NB Curriculum Framework for early learners in partnership with the University of New Brunswick. Because of Maria’s exemplary leadership skills, she has been involved in the training of other educators and has mentored many to support their learning and growth. Maria has always been an active and passionate member of Early Childhood Care and Education New Brunswick (ECCENB), promoting the importance of early learning for both educators and children.

With Maria, preschoolers experience days filled with numerous opportunities to learn and build relationships. She encourages children to explore and develop at their own pace while following their lead in terms of programming. She leverages their talents and abilities, while always focusing on the positive and on their own unique potential. Maria incorporates the traditions, practices, and languages of diverse cultures into her program in order to expand the perspective of all of the children. Through Maria’s enthusiasm for learning, knowledge of pedagogy, and compassion for people, she ensures that all of the children in her care thrive.  


Jennifer Sullivan, ASD-N

Jennifer Sullivan is the outstanding principal of Harkins Middle School and is described as a “change maker”. She is a busy teaching-administrator who motivates the school community to dream big and meet ambitious goals. Jennifer’s support and advocating of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) has enabled teachers to have time for collaboration regarding school-based benchmarks, formative assessments, and reviewing data to collectively work on SMART goals and the School Improvement Plan.

Jennifer’s passion for learning is evident in her commitment to student success. She works tirelessly to build relationships with students, staff, parents, and community. Her leadership and professionalism have fostered an atmosphere of collaboration and trust in the school. Examples of this include ensuring the School Improvement Plan is developed and driven by teachers and having students re-write the school’s code of conduct. She embraces the diversity of all learners, empowers students, mentors colleagues by sharing her own professional development, and strengthens the bond between home and school. Her teachers and students feel they are all better because of Jennifer’s positive influence. In the words of one student, “Mrs. Sullivan makes a welcoming, safe, and respectful place for all students. I bet she has made every student smile at one time while they were at school”.


Molly Brown, ASD-W

Molly Brown is a Maliseet language teacher at Perth Andover Middle School. Even before finishing her university studies and without a curriculum to follow, Molly began teaching the Maliseet language in schools. Molly took the lead on the First Nations portion of the School Improvement Plan. She has also organized a Maliseet Culture Awareness Day and the school’s Aboriginal Celebration Day as part of the national celebration. These events included a number of participants from the Tobique First Nation. She was also instrumental in having parent-teacher interviews take place at Mah-Sos, the local First Nation school.  

Molly practices a true open door approach to her classroom She collaborates with parents, paraprofessionals, and outside agencies to ensure that all children from the Tobique community have the best opportunity to learn. Molly has high expectations for all of her students. She differentiates her instruction and uses flexible groupings to meet their needs. Molly has created a culture of leadership and respect in her classroom where the Maliseet language will live on through her students. The high school Maliseet teacher has noticed the positive impact of Molly’s teaching on the students. Although she prefers to work behind the scenes, everyone recognizes and appreciates all of her hard work. 


Heather Hamilton, ASD-S

Heather Hamilton is the owner and operator of the Hamilton Homestyle Daycare. Heather has been a member of the Focus on Inclusion Board in Fredericton for three years and sets the bar for excellence in Early Childhood Education. She has also been part of the author team for new province-wide teaching material for early childhood centres, as well as developing proposals for government policies (Walking in Our Shoes).

Her creativity and excitement for learning are evident by the visually stimulating environment in her centre which includes iceberg displays, ship building, mud walking adventures, and bird nest constructions. She ensures learning opportunities are relevant for students’ experiences such as holidays, music, and food and brings in guest speakers to further enhance these. Heather’s values around family, respect, community, and exploring are evident in all aspects of her daycare operations. Having a staff member who is deaf was seen as an opportunity for the students and other staff to learn to use sign language to communicate. She successfully strives to engage all children in a quality inclusive environment.

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Patricia Gallagher, ASD-S

Patricia (Trish) Gallagher is an outstanding music teacher and concert choir director at Saint John High School. Trish has also continued her professional development by attending choral workshops at Juilliard, Boston Conservatory, Dalhousie and Mount Allison University, and the National Arts Centre. She is not just teaching music, she is creating lifelong learners who give back to their community as they perform for assemblies, competitions, fundraising events, and nursing homes. She empowers students to take leadership roles such as running choir sectionals and directing choreography. Under her direction, her choirs have had the honour of performing on Parliament Hill for Canada Day and at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

Miss G, as her students affectionately call her, is a kind, loving, hardworking, and dedicated professional who is devoted to her students and her community. She implements innovative educational practices and leadership skills to respond to the diverse needs of all learners while providing a positive learning environment. Trish created a music book called “From Bach to Tupac”. She also encourages her students to send her their favourite songs so that she can write arrangements for them that will be at the student’s level. By nurturing their individual talents, she builds their confidence and shows them how to believe in themselves.


Will Davidson, ASD-W

Will Davidson is a popular music teacher at Woodstock High School. He directs the Woodstock High School choir, senior choir, concert band, Chamber Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble. He has also been the music director for numerous school musical productions, facilitator of music and drama workshops in the community, an active adjudicator at music festivals, a volunteer vocal coach and musician. Each summer, he organizes a concert for students to have the opportunity to perform on stage.

Will has an infectious joy for teaching music and he is able to connect with diverse students in a way that inspires them both musically and personally. His dynamic leadership and lovable personality fosters a safe, positive learning environment where everyone feels accepted, supported, and valued as individuals. In his classroom, students who may have felt marginalized, can discover and foster their musical talents. He creates a classroom that “exudes confidence, tolerance, and acceptance of all students, regardless of their talent levels”. Will’s music room is a reflection of his personality; always bustling with activity from high energy music classes to impromptu jam sessions at lunch time. Will Davidson makes music “cool”.


Bruce Van Stone, ASD-W

Bruce Van Stone is a teacher and Vice Principal at Central New Brunswick Academy (CNBA). He is also a Canadian Certified Counsellor who holds a Master’s of Education in Psychological Counselling. He has participated in the development of a Provincial Strategy for the Prevention of Harm for Children and Youth with the Child Youth Advocate’s Office. Bruce has facilitated over one hundred thirty presentations including the national Positive Behavioural Interventions and Support (PBIS) conference and initiated the committee that created the provincial model. The PBIS model and inclusive practices are the basis of his educational philosophy. To further inspire and motivate students, he has organized presentations by guest speakers which have included Catriona Le May Doan (Olympian), Darrell Fox (Terry Fox’s brother), and Theo Fleury (former National Hockey League player).

As a dedicated educator, Bruce gives freely of his time to help others. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to make the lives of his staff and students better. He actively participates in the school community and makes a point to greet students using each of their names. His personable demeanor and solid leadership skills make him an asset to the school and community.


Olivia Donovan, ASD-S

Olivia Donovan is the SPR (Supplemental Position of Responsibility) for the English Department at Hampton High School. Olivia teaches all levels of high school English, including the Advanced Placement classes. Her enthusiasm, love for literature, and high expectations are contagious in her classroom. Olivia’s effective and fair approach to learning encourages her students to always strive to achieve their personal best.

Olivia demonstrates a deep, personal commitment to student learning both in and out of the classroom. As well as teaching English, she is also the driving force behind the Hampton High School Theatre Company. Olivia takes the time to get to know her students and actors as individuals and encourages them to take risks when they are expressing themselves on the stage and in the classroom. This past summer Olivia and her drama students travelled to Scotland to participate in the American High School Fringe Festival. There were only three other Canadian schools to be selected to be part of this. She also acts as a faculty advisor to the graduation class and contributes to the Year-end Husky Awards and Grad Class Variety show. Her passion for literacy and teaching and her commitment to her students ensures that they leave Hampton High with the solid literacy skills that will carry them forward in all aspects of their lives.