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District Awards


Kathy Grebenc

Kathy Grebenc is the former principal of Superior Middle School, recently retiring in June 2014 after a distinguished career in education. Widely respected by colleagues, Kathy is viewed as an educational leader who inspires, values and supports her staff. As an administrator, Kathy exemplifies the importance of professional growth; both professionally and personally. She has traveled to many countries to visit schools and could be often found talking to staff and students about classrooms around the world.

Kathy empowers staff to work collaboratively to make data-driven decisions for students. She places a strong emphasis on students’ individual strengths while ensuring that teachers assist students with lagging skills. Kathy ensures that data is easily available for teachers and led numerous school-wide initiatives including “E-Pods”; an opportunity for students to be regrouped to have a skill retaught or reinforced. Rarely to be found in her office, Kathy believes in being visible and supportive to students and staff. She sincerely cares for all students and works tirelessly to foster a comprehensive environment at Superior Middle School. Her mantra each morning during announcements has been, “Learn something and be nice”.


Christy Jamieson

Christy Jamieson is currently an Education Support Teacher-Resource at Miramichi Valley High School and is a champion for students with exceptionalities. Christy creates a culture of high expectations for her students and maintains excellent rapport with parents. She is widely known as being both diplomatic and supportive. She also works to develop community supports and partnerships that directly benefit students.  She was instrumental in acquiring a Snoezelen room at MVHS and worked closely with the sponsoring group to ensure maximum use by students and community. Christy strives to create an atmosphere of “we all belong” at MVHS with students and staff.

Christy models lifelong learning and strives to grow professionally through university level coursework, the district leadership program and autism training. Christy is currently the SPR for EST-Resource and frequently delivers professional development to staff. She is also the chair of the school Education Support Services Team. Widely respected by students, staff and the community; Christy challenges her students to dream big and take risks.


Claudine Dionne

Claudine Dionne, teacher at Perth-Andover Middle School, is a shining example of educational leadership. Claudine is a leader in her grade level team and math Professional Learning Community. She is always willing to lend a hand to any teacher seeking assistance with lesson planning and assessment. Claudine organizes planning sessions for all teachers of Grade 8 math and social studies to enhance student learning. She currently holds a supplemental position of responsibility to track data for all math and literacy classes in the school

Claudine continually examines her practices to ensure student engagement and that she is reaching all learners. Her classroom instruction is differentiated; students are given choice of task and working groups. She offers extra help to students and they believe that she is a “great teacher who can help them learn”. She expects nothing but the best effort from students. Outside of the classroom, Claudine is always present at all school functions such as dances, activity nights and family events.


Sally McAllister

Sally McAllister is a dedicated educator at Fredericton High School. She is currently the SPR for social studies where she provides opportunities for her team to collaborate and ensure best practices are used in the classroom. Sally leads by example, continually striving to remain current and innovative for her students. She is widely respected by both students and teachers for her energy and enthusiasm.

Sally is passionate about the democratic process and is currently serving a four year term as the NB representative on the Teachers Advisory Committee on the Institute of Parliamentary Democracy-Library of Parliament. She encourages her students to think of themselves as global citizens, and she challenges them to become engaged in their school, their community and their country. Sally fosters excellence in everything that she does.

Co-workers appreciate Melissa's welcoming and friendly demeanour, which builds a sense of belonging and community, particularly with students.  She collaborates extensively with families and community partners to ensure advocacy for children.  Melissa ensures that whatever assistance and aid is required for effective classroom practice is provided, and she tailors strategies to match individual and group needs.

Melissa is an active and welcome partner in moving her school forward through her contributions to PLCs and the School Improvement Plan.  She exceeds expectations and stands as a model of professionalism and life-long learning.


Sean Newlands

Sean Newlands is a teacher and Math SPR at Nackawic High School. He is also the chair of the school’s math Professional Learning Community where he works closely with teachers to ensure best practices. Sean participated in writing new curricula for the province and delivered in-service to fellow teachers both at the district and provincial levels. Sean is viewed as a mentor to many and is always willing to assist new teachers and work collaboratively with experienced teachers.

Sean is respected as a dedicated and innovative teacher and takes pride in the academic achievement of his students. He constantly strives to reach all students through project-based learning and Universal Design for Learning. If you are a student in Sean’s classroom, you can expect that you’re learning needs will be met. Outside of the classroom, Sean is the Reach for the Top facilitator, curling coach, assistant golf coach and the ‘go to’ teacher for many students.


Patty Deering

Patty Deering, teacher at St. Stephen Middle School, cares about her students.  Her school recognizes this, her parents recognize this, and most importantly her students recognize this. Her students work hard to achieve the high standards that she has set for them. Widely recognized as an inclusive educator, Patty advocates for her students to remain in her classroom and provides them with choices for learning. As a literacy mentor, Patty has demonstration classes where teachers can drop in and observe her modeling best practices and teaching strategies.

Patty contributes to school life in many ways to support all students at St. Stephen Middle. She volunteers at the school breakfast program and collects donations of clothes to be redistributed to students. Patty often stays after school to cook supper for students who lack transportation to return to school for evening social or sporting events. Missing time with her own family, she remains at school until the activity starts. No doubt, Patty’s students will remember her high energy, dynamic teaching and that she truly cared about them.


Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews, teacher at Rothesay Park School, has been a member of the leadership team for several years. She is a teacher who can be relied on to have sound ideas and a strong commitment to student learning. She is viewed as an informal mentor for many teachers as she is widely known as a teacher who works calmly, efficiently and with purpose. Julie is devoted to her students and ensures that they receive the instruction that they need to be successful. Julie’s classrooms are busy but organized. Students comment that Mme Matthews always asks how they feel about their work and she will not leave their side until they are experiencing success.

Julie has made it a mission to ensure that all students in her care receive a challenging yet appropriate education. Early in the year, she garners information about their learning styles, their interests, talents and their struggles in previous years. She works in close consultation with other teachers to meet the needs of her students. Julie is considered to be a teacher whose opinion is valued by all staff as she exemplifies a strong commitment to enhancing student learning.


Tracey Meahan

Tracey Meahan, teacher at Kennebecasis Park Elementary School, inspires all people who come into contact with her to strive to become better. She is able to discover people’s strengths, no matter how big or small, and with a purposeful desire she helps to develop a greater sense of self confidence in each person. She has an inner drive to positively impact each child and plans her lessons accordingly. She ensures that all of her learners will be able to have success. Tracey is an integral part of the school leadership team, core math team and the school improvement planning team.

In the classroom, Tracey uses a variety of approaches and her students are fully engaged and enthusiastically working with manipulatives, technology and sharing ideas in small flexible groups. Observers describe her classroom atmosphere as calm and peaceful where students are working at an appropriate level, taking risks and are confident in what they are accomplishing. She creates a genuine desire to learn in her students. As one of her students indicates, “You are the best teacher ever”.


Alison Bartlett

Alison Bartlett, a creative and innovative teacher at Riverview High School, uses   a hands-on approach to connect with her learners in their world. Alison works to create a positive learning environment in her classroom and in the school. She passionately pursues initiatives such as, “If It Hurts, Its Wrong”, “Be a Pal” and “Royal Pride”.  Alison is a tireless proponent of Professional Learning Communities and has worked with a number of teams developing essential learnings, stretch learning techniques and assessment strategies. Students in Alison’s classes are engaged through reading, writing, and problem solving, reflecting and interfacing with a variety of technologies.

Alison teaches and mentors others using the philosophy that all students have the ability to learn and grow academically. Academic expectations for her students are high, yet she is aware of the need for flexibility and scaffolding instruction for those who would benefit from it. Each day she greets her students with passion and enthusiasm for her subject area. Whether she is working with students, fellow teachers or parents, her no nonsense approach and presumption of good intention makes everyone rise to her expectations.


Julie Roy

Julie Roy, a French Immersion teacher at Lou MacNarin School, uses every opportunity to influence mathematical learning with her fellow teachers. Whether working on provincial math curriculum, the provincial assessment program, the school leadership team or Shad Valley, the depth and breadth of Julie’s knowledge allows her to work beside colleagues as both a learner and a leader. Julie has also posted ‘how to’ videos on You Tube for parents to view, so that they learn how to help their children solve math problems in efficient ways.

In the classroom, Julie regularly assesses her students to determine their needs and next steps for instruction.  Julie also developed MathemaTHINKS, an elementary math competition in Anglophone School District-East. Julie is always open to new ideas and actively engages in opportunities to question our current practices and think outside of the box to find solutions to problems. Julie’s passion for mathematical teaching and learning has influenced how many teachers at her school view math.