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District Awards

Timothy Beatty

District 2:  Timothy Beatty

Known as a teacher who employed strategies that supported 21st century learning long before the term "21st century learning" was even used, Tim Beatty is an exemplary science and math teacher from Riverview High School. Tim also promotes inclusion by providing engaging classroom environments that support all students.

In his teaching, Tim finds ways to connect with students' prior knowledge, provides hands-on labs that put theory into practice, and makes use of humour to pique interest. His responsive classroom environment ensures students remain on task and interested in learning.

One of Tim's greatest successes is his development of the Grand Projects Initiative at Riverview High School. The initiative required students who were enrolled in science courses to be involved in enrichment science projects during lunch hours, after school or on weekends.

Tim demonstrates leadership as a collegial support to other teachers. He is currently an SPR of instructional practices, working as an instructional coach and leading professional development. Tim's dedication to supporting teachers has contributed to improving his school and making it a better place for students and teachers alike.

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Nora Elliot

District 6:  Nora Elliot

No matter the learning style of her Grade 2 students, Nora Elliot responds to and reaches each one. She demonstrates an unshakable belief that every child has the potential to learn. A visit to Nora's classroom would reveal students engaged in a variety of learning activities, such as hands-on experiences and the effective use of a Smart Board.

Nora proactively promotes a positive learning environment where she focuses on building students' skills in citizenship, good manners and empathy. Her teaching creates a lasting impact on every student who enters her class.

The staff and students at Lakefield Elementary School benefit from Nora's caring and respectful personality, acknowledging her as the “perfect combination of motivation, inspiration and dedication, who sparkles with perseverance and tenacity.”

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Bob Johnson

District 8: Bob Johnson

During his time as an educational leader in District 8, Bob Johnson developed a reputation as being innovative, inspirational and visionary. He was supportive of many initiatives, including the full implementation and training of Reading Recovery throughout his district.

Since 1994, Bob held many district office positions of leadership, including Director of Education and Acting Superintendent. He was known as the invaluable go-to person for problem solving, offering his experience and insight, especially in the arena of staffing and personnel issues.

Right up until his retirement in June 2012, Bob worked tirelessly with educators and parents alike. He was known for his dogged determination to find the best and most positive solutions that would offer resources for success.

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Jane Conley

District 10:  Jane Conley

Jane Conley was born on Deer Island, where she later decided to lead a lifelong career of teaching. The Deer Island community knows her as a leader, an expert, a confidante, a parent and a friend to all. She works at the Deer Island Community School.

Jane is a devoted teacher whose classroom fosters an atmosphere of encouragement and respect for all students. Never daunted by the prospect of teaching a split class, she has the gift of being able to identify the distinct abilities of each student and the relentless determination to see them succeed.

As she approaches the end of her career, Jane remains a constant learner, embracing new strategies and techniques that enrich the learning environment for others. For example, she has become a Daily 5TM guru in her district. Jane has also contributed to her school's 70th anniversary celebration by coordinating the creation of an art installation.

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Sylvie Poirier

District 14: Sylvie Poirier

Recognized as an extremely dedicated and respectful teacher, Sylvie Poirier is a Grade 3 Immersion teacher at Florenceville Elementary School. Her dedication is exemplified through her long hours spent at the school, contributing beyond her class expectations to such areas as her student blog, track and field, the chess club and movie nights.

Sylvie is a teacher who recognizes students' strengths, encourages student leadership, and promotes extracurricular and extended learning experiences. Her classroom invites students and teachers alike to participate in inclusive learning and sharing experiences.

Sylvie has a positive attitude that easily rubs off on her peers. She brings a ray of sunshine with her and is loved by students who benefit from her ability to turn simple situations into teachable moments. Parents praise Sylvie as a teacher who inspires their children.

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Lisa Anderson

District 15:  Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson is an exemplary classroom teacher and teacher leader. Teaching at Dalhousie Regional High School, she models inclusive education practice in her learning environments.

Lisa is known for her ability to seamlessly incorporate technology in her teaching. Besides her teaching duties, she is a member of the District Math Data Team and is Math SPR at her school. In these leadership roles, she supports other math teachers in developing better instructional strategies for students.

Lisa contributes to other school initiatives, such as the Guided Study program, school enrichment and tutorial help. She is a positive promoter of learning for all students.

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Carolyn Simmons

District 16:  Carolyn Simmons

Carolyn Simmons, now principal of Gretna Green Elementary School, has long been respected and recognized as an exemplary teacher. She brought her expertise to her school leadership role, and now excels as a principal who puts students first.

Recognized as a SMART exemplar teacher, Carolyn promotes learning environments that are technology rich, adaptive and fun for all learners. Her school benefits from her experience as a technology mentor and her dedication to the importance of data, assessment and team-oriented analysis of data.

Her passion, drive and ability are what separate her from others. Carolyn employs student-based projects as a way to offer differentiated learning experiences for students of all abilities. Her visionary approach cannot help but seep into the classrooms and teaching practices of the educators at her school.

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Jeanette Collette

District 17:  Jeanette Collette

To her Oromocto High School students, Jeanette Collette is more than just a teacher; she is also a friend and surrogate mother. The majority of the student population voted for her to receive the Tireless Effort Award. Jeannette is also involved as a truly democratic leader in the school's Student Council.

Jeannette applies 21st century teaching techniques in her classroom by engaging students in analyzing and evaluating evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs. This enables them to see alternative points of view through classroom group dialogue.

Both in the classroom and out of the classroom, Jeannette is known for her flexibility and adaptability with students, colleagues and administration. She makes the extra effort to involve herself in extra-curricular student activities. She attends school events, such as grad activities and Grade 9 orientation. Jeannette provides an excellent portrayal of school spirit.

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Jared Mallard

District 18:  Jared Mallard

Bliss Carmen Middle School has benefitted from Jared Mallard's rare combination of technical and creative teaching skills in the roles of both teacher and drama coach. Jared is known as a teacher who works diligently at finding a place to include all students.

Jared helps students build leadership skills and independence through the Partners for Youth program, and has exposed students to new opportunities, such as the theatre. Students note that he helps them in every way possible, being very patient at all times.

Jared incorporates his knowledge of 21st century learning strategies in his lessons. He was involved in the What's Up Doc video project and won a national award for a Cyber Safety video created by his class. Though still new in his teaching career, Jared's wisdom and insight provide support to both his students and colleagues.

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