Government of New Brunswick

District Awards


Julie Jones
Tantramar Regional High School
Sackville – School District

During the past 11 years, Jones has been known for her enthusiasm for learning and mathematics as well as for her ability to create a positive welcoming environment for everyone. She is an advocate for students, especially for those at-risk, and she is focused on their academic and life success.

Whether it is student participation in the classroom, involvement in the extra-curricular activities she oversees, or the safe space she creates in her room during non-instructional time, Jones encourages and creates an inclusive environment for all students. She heads a program that brings in tutors from Mount Allison University to work with mathematics classes in all grades.

Outside the classroom, Jones spends most of her time volunteering for fund-raising activities and organizing events for students and the community. She has been praised for her passion of helping others less fortunate than her; her belief in giving back to her community; and her ability to spread community-mindedness among her students.

Among her peers, students and community, Jones is recognized for her abilities as an educator with a passion for helping others. She provides guidance to her colleagues and shows leadership through her participation in evaluating student achievement; planning for changes in mathematics; and improving student learning.


Lisa Jardine
Dr. A. T. Leatherbarrow Primary School
Hampton - School District 6

An advocate for lifelong learning, Jardine is the principal at Dr. A.T. Leatherbarrow Primary School. She is known for her devotion to the welfare of the school and for working toward the development of a positive environment for students and educators.

Since becoming principal in 2008, she has been instrumental in the initiation of many positive and constructive improvements. Her endorsement of the use of technology in the school and efforts to further learning through collaboration with other schools in the district have brought forth many technology-based initiatives.

Jardine stresses the importance of enabling all students to attain their academic potential by building their social awareness and character while teaching them to become constructive citizens. 

Jardine encourages staff at the school to participate in leadership development. Families and teachers alike are enthusiastic when describing the positive effects she has made on the school community.


Keith Armstrong
Simonds High School
Saint John - School District 8

Before becoming a teacher, Armstrong worked for many years as a carpenter and cabinet maker, including nearly two decades with the School District 8 facilities department. He has been a teacher at Simonds High School since completing his internship in 2004. 

Armstrong has been recognized for using the latest teaching techniques, including project-based approaches, student work portfolios and critical integration of technology.

Armstrong’s classroom is a respectful environment that offers all learners a chance to develop in a variety of productive ways. He fosters a natural learning environment by creating an understanding among his students that it is okay to make mistakes. His classes are well structured with an emphasis on employability skills. His students gain experience by working on projects in a positive atmosphere that simulates a real workplace. 

Outside the classroom, Armstrong has helped develop the curriculum for the Advanced Technology 120 course. He has developed units of work for Applied Technology that have been shared provincewide. He has also worked with non-profit groups and outreach programs such as The Gaia Project and WoodLINKS.


Sharon Crowther, posthumously
Vincent Massey Elementary School
Saint Andrews - School District 10

Crowther, who passed away earlier this school year, is remembered as a passionate, caring and devoted educator. Many of her former Grade 6 students have said she treated them as adults; made them feel responsible for themselves; and prepared them to move on to middle school.

Crowther was an accomplished professional musician and chose to share her gifts through teaching. She taught children the importance of taking care of each other, their community and others in the world who are less fortunate. 

In the classroom, she gave her students opportunities to build confidence and develop leadership by challenging them to try new things, experience success and cope with setbacks. 

Crowther attended professional development courses to improve her technological skills, and she encouraged students to use technology in their work.


Denise Budrow
Perth-Andover Elementary School
Perth-Andover - School District 14

Budrow is a music teacher whose innovation for the use of technology in the classroom allows her to share music with her students from around the world. She also teaches English language arts to French immersion students. 

Her passion for music and education is evident through her involvement in the district music festivals and choirs. In 2009, she produced a Christmas compact disc, which included a recording by every class and the staff. The compact disc was sold in the community and the funds were donated to a non-profit organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo that helps needy children.

Budrow is described as a team player who is well organized and prepared. She is adept at supporting struggling students and regularly allows students to shine in a musical or organizational way.


John Cleland
Bathurst High School
Bathurst - School District 15

Cleland is dedicated to building a better, more caring global community, and he sees his role as a high school teacher as being critical to that effort. 

In recent years, Cleland has engaged in several real-world connected, community-based and technologically aided projects, including Global Nomad Group projects that have connected Bathurst High School students with professionals and victims of strife worldwide.

Working with his students, he has led the development of the Leave Your Legacy movement, which challenges high school graduates from across Canada to contribute $1 each June 1 to support Free The Children. Cleland believes that, if his students are aware of global issues, they will be inspired to take positive action.


Bob Gillis
District Office
Miramichi - School District 16

Gillis is a strong advocate for students who have difficulties succeeding in regular classroom settings. He runs an alternate education program, known as PLATO, and ensures these students have such supports as a computer and Internet access. He regularly visits students at home to monitor their progress.  

Through a federal initiative for students with poor attendance, Gillis has offered an instructional game design course to students. It focuses on literacy and numeracy and was designed as the last option for students with poor attendance; dropping out of the program meant dropping out of school. If students did not show up in the morning, Gillis would show up on their doorstep. During the first five years that he ran this program, he has a success rate of 100 per cent. The 75 students who entered the program completed it and graduated.

For many students, Gillis has been the last “helping hand” as well as their benefactor, counsellor, mentor, teacher and friend.


Ruth Lindsay
Oromocto High School
Oromocto - School District 17

Lindsay is in her last year of teaching. Next June will mark her 35th year in teaching, 23 of which she has spent at Oromocto High School.

Lindsay has implemented effective strategies to have teachers network and set up "Go To" groups, enabling forums to discuss new teaching strategies. She has supported students with exceptionalities and students at risk; she has also volunteered in her community.

Vice-principal Judy McPhail describes Lindsay as being, "a go-to person as her wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise make her a teacher whom everyone gravitates toward."


Matt McGuire
Kingsclear Colsolidated School
Fredericton - School District 18

McGuire has been a role model and mentor to his Grade 4 students at Kingsclear Consolidated School. His most outstanding accomplishment has been introducing the concept of being a “global citizen” to the classroom. He has organized exchanges with schools in Tokyo and Dubai that have involved online communication and letter-writing. The culmination of this year-long project was the publication of an international cookbook – a collection of students' favourite recipes submitted from local and international schools. 

McGuire has been involved in other various initiatives such as composting and environmental projects that have enabled students to become globally conscious.