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Auditor General Report

The report, released in the legislative assembly, reflects audited financial statements for the fiscal year ending March 31,1998.


Chapter 1 - Introductory Comments
                   PDF (37Kb) | Text (15Kb)

Chapter 2 - Comments on Financial Statements of the Province
                   Adobe PDF (92Kb)Text (39Kb)

Chapter 3 - Indicators of the Province’s Financial Condition
                   PDF (111Kb) | Text (14Kb)

Chapter 4 -Audits of Crown Agencies
                  PDF (38Kb) | Text (10Kb)

Chapter 5 - Department of Economic Development & Tourism
                  Financial Assistance to Business and Performance Reporting
                   PDF (150Kb) | Text (58Kb)

Chapter 6 - Department of Education – Excellence in Education
                   PDF (88Kb) | Text (36Kb)

Chapter 7 - Department of Health & Community Services – Ambulance Services
                   PDF (53Kb) | Text (16Kb)

Chapter 8 - Department of Human Resources Development – NB Case System
                  PDF (56Kb) | Text (14Kb)

Chapter 9 - Department of Justice and the Solicitor General – Integrated Justice Initiative
                  PDF (34Kb) | Text (12Kb)

Chapter 10 - The Year 2000 Program
                     PDF (40Kb) | Text (13Kb)

Chapter 11 - Other Departmental Audit Work
                  PDF (64Kb) | Text (22Kb)

Chapter 12 - Hospital Corporation Governance
                  PDF (145Kb) | Text (66Kb)

Chapter 13 - Fredericton to Moncton Highway                   
                    PDF (116Kb) | Text (29Kb)

Chapter 14 - Special Report for the Public Accounts Committee
                     Evergreen and Wackenhut Leases
PDF (133Kb) | Text (35Kb)

Chapter 15 - Special Report for the Public Accounts Committee
                     NB Power Funding of Minto Economic Development Activities
PDF (29Kb) | Text (9Kb)

Chapter 16 - Crown Agencies Audited by Others
PDF (20Kb) | Text (5Kb)

Chapter 17 - Office of the Auditor General
PDF (73Kb) | Text (17Kb)

 Exhibit - Excerpts from the Auditor General’s Act
                PDF (444Kb)