FREDERICTON (GNB) – A call for applicants has been issued for the Healthy Aging Champions volunteer program, formerly known as the Senior Goodwill Ambassador program. The name change was made to better reflect the program’s goal of spreading awareness about healthy aging.

This program gives people 60 and older a chance to share their healthy aging experience and spread the message about the importance of leading a healthy, active life as a person ages. The original program began in 1991.

“Each of these champions is someone to look up to, and I am excited to see who we have in our newest cohort,” said Social Development Minister Dorothy Shephard. “Healthy aging is something we should all strive for at every age.”

A new cohort of volunteers is selected every two years with the mandate of promoting healthy aging during celebrations for New Brunswick Day, Canada Day, Intergenerational Day and National Seniors Day, and at local fairs, exhibits and other events. The Department of Social Development wants to recruit up to 50 volunteers across the province.

Each champion will serve a two-year term but may serve a third year if they reapply for the position.

Volunteers can be reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses up to $75 per month, including mileage, which will be paid at the government rate.

In addition to sharing their healthy-aging experience with others, program participants will promote the importance of staying socially engaged and physically active. They will also encourage their communities to be age-friendly and promote intergenerational activities.

The deadline to apply is Nov. 14. Application forms are available online.