FREDERICTON (GNB) – A property at 75 Petrie St. in Miramichi was recently closed following an investigation that found it was being used for illegal drug activity. The home is near a school and daycare.

Peace officers with the Department of Justice and Public Safety, with assistance from the Miramichi Police Force, executed a community safety order under the authority of the Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Act. The order requires all persons to vacate the property for 90 days, starting on Sept. 19.

Community safety orders are issued by a judge following the submission of evidence that a property has been habitually used for a specified use adversely affecting a community or neighbourhood.

The home was first subject to an order in 2020. Due to the continued habitual illegal drug activity, the department applied for and received a second order on the property.

“Our Safer Communities Program is in place to protect people from the harmful effects of illegal activities,” said Public Safety Minister Kris Austin. “We are making it harder for criminals to break the law, especially within residential neighbourhoods.”

The program helps residents and communities by holding property owners accountable for illegal activities that occur on their property. These prescribed activities include:

·         producing, selling or using illegal drugs;

·         prostitution;

·         unlawful sale or consumption of alcohol and cannabis;

·         unlawful activities linked to or promoting organized crime;

·         child sexual abuse/exploitation;

·         unlawful gaming activities; and

·         possession of illegal firearms or explosives.

Residents can make a confidential complaint about problem properties by contacting the Department of Justice and Public Safety at 1-877-826-2122, or by email at