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The Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health provides advisories, alerts and information that are of concern to the health of New Brunswick residents.

Beach water quality monitoring advisories and information can be found on the Beach Water Quality Monitoring Advisories page.

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Current Public Health Advisories and Alerts

Once a cyanobacteria bloom is reported to the Regional Office of the Department of Environment and Local Government, the advisory is posted below.

The advisory will then remain on the list indefinitely. Although each summer the area of water indicated may not have a cyanobacteria bloom, they are left on the list for visitors to be aware that they could possibly recur since the area has had cyanobacteria blooms in the past. Future sampling of the area will not be undertaken to rescind any advisories due to the unpredictability of cyanobacteria blooms.

The Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health encourages the public to be active and enjoy the outdoors but be aware that cyanobacteria blooms can be unpredictable. Advisories are issued to inform local recreational water users to help make informed decisions on water use in the affected area and to be more aware to look for the formation of highly visible blooms and scum, which pose the most risk.

Learn more about cyanobacteria.

Location First issued
Belleisle Bay July 29, 2022
Kennebecasis River, Rothesay Yacht Club  August 27, 2021 - present
Lake California  August 6, 2021 - present
Darlings Lake July 9, 2021 - present
Yoho Lake July 17, 2020 - present
Caron Lake May 14, 2020 - present
Saint John River (Fredericton to Woodstock) July 25, 2019 - present
Mactaquac Main Beach  August 14, 2018 - present
Lake Nictau (Mount Carleton region)  July 14, 2018 - present
Nashwaak Lake July 24, 2017 - present
Wheaton Lake 2015 - present
Washademoak Lake July 28, 2015 - present
Grand Lake July 15, 2015 - present
Harvey Lake July 10, 2015 - present
Chamcook Lake 2010 - present
Lake Utopia August, 2008 - present
Lac Baker 2010 - present
Lac Unique 2010 - present
Irishtown Nature Park before 2010 - present
McLaughlin Reservoir before 2010 - present
Camp Lake 2015 - present
Bathurst Lake 2015 - present
July 9, 2021 - present
Location Boil Order Do Not Drink Date
St. Stephen   03/15/2023 Due to increase in turbidity levels  
Atlantic Institution    02/22/2023 Due to pressure loss in distribution system  
Ocean Surf Park, Shediac   08/24/2022 Due to power outage  

Communauté rurale de Haut-Madawaska, Quartier St-Hilaire


High Turbidity

Sandy Beach Camping, Cap-Pelé   10/07/2019 Bacterial counts in distribution system  

The Department of Health updates this boil order list each business day.
For up-to-date information, particularly after business hours, please contact your municipality.