Government of New Brunswick

Sustainable Forest Management

New Brunswick’s forests are a place for plant and animal species to thrive, a setting for people to enjoy nature, and a driver for rural economic growth – both now and for generations to come. Sustainable forest management uses sound forest science, a world-class research network and modern processing facilities which has allowed New Brunswick to be one of the largest producers of sustainable wood products in the country.  Learn more about how forest resources are managed sustainably through stewardship, adaptation, and innovation.      


Conservation of Biodiversity

Biodiversity refers to living organisms in all their forms and the ecosystems and natural processes that support them. It includes genetic, species, and ecosystem variability. Biodiversity is the foundation for a healthy environment and supports the core benefits humans get from their environment, including the renewable resources that our economy depends on. Learn more about New Brunswick’s natural biodiversity, including efforts to protect and conserve our most valuable resources into the future.