Government of New Brunswick

As individuals and families we can focus on the real meaning of the holiday season by helping others and the environment at the same time. Start talking about your priorities early, and involve the whole family in planning a 'green' celebration.

As children become our strongest advocates for a clean and protected environment, they also learn about the importance of protecting our society as a whole.

This season, why not have the youngsters in your family choose which toys and clothes they are ready to give up, and donate a gift box to a local shelter for mothers and children or to some other community program. Emphasize that these items will benefit another child, rather than go to the landfill.

You, your family and colleagues can use the money you save by celebrating a 'green' holiday to help a food bank or other charity. One option is to donate the refunds on empty beverage containers you have collected throughout the year. By working with others, you can make holiday decisions which will do the most good in your community.

Let an act of kindness become part of your holiday tradition. It's the perfect way to show you care about others ... and our environment.