Government of New Brunswick

Inspections began in February 2011 and were completed as of June 2011. The final report concludes that the overall structural integrity of the schools inspected is very good and no additional schools were closed as a result of the inspection process.

Of the 244 schools inspected throughout the Province: 22 require no repairs, 216 require minor repairs, and 6 require major repairs. Types of minor repairs needed include maintenance to interior and exterior walls, roofs, stairs and exterior elements.

The six schools which require major repairs are:

  1. Polyvalente Thomas-Albert (District 3)
  2. École secondaire Népisiguit (District 5)
  3. Simonds High School (District 8)
  4. Prince Charles School (District 8)
  5. École Ola-Léger (District 9)
  6. St. George Elementary School (District 10)

School repairs have already begun and are being completed in a priority sequence. A budget of $3 million in has been earmarked for completion of the initial phase of repairs, which includes all major repairs, in the current fiscal year. This process involved consultation between districts, various government departments, and the engineers.