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Susan Boyle
Dr. A. T. Leatherbarrow Primary School

Susan Boyle is currently a teacher at Dr. A. T. Leatherbarrow Primary School. Susan has been a distinguished teacher for over two decades and, in this time, has inspired both students and teachers to be at their best. She has a comprehensive understanding of curriculum, best teaching practices, diverse student needs and unique learning styles.

As a former literacy coach, Susan understands and models collaborative and collegial learning. She is a leader in her current professional learning community and a valued member of the school core leadership team. Always committed to learner success and improvement, Susan spends evenings researching high-yield strategies and creative pedagogical approaches to reach all students. She supports and guides members of her PLC, so that they can effectively collaborate. Susan has embraced S.T.E.M. learning and actively collaborates with district personnel and colleagues to engage students in integrated activities. She volunteers in the Art Club as she is committed to nurturing the whole child. Susan is a life-long learner and, even as she nears retirement, she is committed to the academic, social and emotional success of her students.


Shane Kelbaugh
Rothesay High School

As a favourite teacher at Rothesay High School, Shane Kelbaugh excels at building relationships. He is a passionate teacher, constantly trying new approaches and new techniques to engage learners. Shane is inclusive, engaging, and collaborative. He knows the importance of building trust and responsibility with students. He is part of our PBIS team that constantly looks for new ways to connect with kids and make positive changes in his school. As a passionate educator, Shane's leadership in social studies has been noticed by district leaders. He is constantly asked to participate in new initiatives, contribute to projects, and lead professional learning.

Shane's use and knowledge of technology is above par for educators. He has worked closely with the school's ESS team to incorporate technology as a tool to assist in ensuring success with some of our most vulnerable students. Shane partnered with the Neil Squires Foundation, and they worked carefully to select the most creative, useful apps for learners, for training teachers, and for assisting students


Paul Kelly
Hazen White-St. Francis School

Paul Kelly’s compassion and care has made him one of the most respected staff members at Hazen White-St. Francis School.  Paul supports the learning of each student with great flexibility and compassion, responding to the diverse needs of all learners, fostering a positive working and learning environment, all the while incorporating the most current, innovative teaching practices into his daily instruction.

Paul inspires our students to become life-long learners and reach their full potential through his ability to develop an immediate rapport, gaining their trust, and providing opportunities for all to demonstrate their skills. Paul's flexibility and responsiveness enables him to easily diffuse difficult situations and maintain a focus on learning and creating a thriving classroom environment. His "Yes, you can!" attitude, and positive, approachable demeanor enables Paul to establish excellent rapport with families, as he is able to address sensitive concerns while allowing all to retain their personal dignity. Paul is a compassionate educator and a wonderful role model for us all.


Jonathan Godbout
Frank L. Bowser School

Jonathan Godbout is the dynamic, engaged, and dedicated principal of Frank L. Bowser School. His deep commitment to best pedagogical practices and learning opportunities is complemented by a genuine and personal approach to his interactions with others. Support of educators and learners is his primary goal and he directs his efforts and energies into creating a positive and welcoming environment that encourages success. His trademark stickers are proudly received and displayed by students, staff and volunteers, and are a visible reminder that everyone is valued. It is a heartwarming sight to see students in the hallway with a sticker that reads "According to my principal, I'm terrific."

It is evident that interactions with learners is paramount to Jonathan’s work and he dedicates his time to meet and know individuals. This foundation allows him to support the work of educators in the classroom and to personally support the development of all learners. Under Jonathan’s leadership, the positive nature of Frank L. Bowser School has flourished - evolving, increasing and amplifying. He leads with gratitude, knowledge, innovation, and positivity.


Venessa Poirier-LeBlanc
Bessborough School 

Venessa Poirier-LeBlanc is a dynamic teacher at Bessborough School. This year, Venessa engaged in a process with her students to re-design their learning space to better meet their needs and allow them to better collaborate and innovate in their classroom. To simplify the process, Venessa and her class personalized their space so that the school and learning environment fit the students, rather than the students being forced to conform to more traditional educational models.

Venessa’s classroom redesign and focus on student-led and project-based learning has led to numerous highly engaging learning showcases that incorporate the 6 C's of Deeper Learning Theory, while also focusing on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. As a teacher-facilitator, Venessa coordinated the school's Plastic Grab Bag Challenge diverting 15,000 plastic bags from landfills and challenged students to collaborate to creatively upcycle the plastic bags into products that promote innovation and sustainable use.

Through her empowerment of students, focus on personalization, integration of technology and ability to tie curricular outcomes to meaningful learning opportunities and relevant community and global problems, Venessa truly exemplifies excellence in education.


Lesley Stewart
Max Aitken Academy

Lesley Stewart is a teacher at Max Aitken Academy. She strives to provide learning opportunities for all students that are relevant by breaking down boundaries that allow students to make meaningful connections in their communities and beyond. Lesley values the importance of becoming global citizens, and through her passion for equality, she helps students develop skills that make them better citizens.

This school year, Lesley devoted time to teaching her students about Residential Schools, with a final class goal of running a half-marathon which they named "Relay for Truth". She also spearheaded the school’s first Unified Basketball Team. Building relationships and teaching with diversity and equality as foundations ensuring her practices are inclusive both in and beyond the classroom. Lesley fosters positive learning environments by making everyone feel important. She shows respect, and in return, is respected. She boosts morale with her sense of humor, and she can brighten anyone's day with her uplifting outlook. Students are free to take risks in Lesley’s presence and she motivates them to want to be better. Lesley exemplifies a sense of trust that is felt by her students as well as her colleagues.


Angela Young
Campbellton Middle School 

Angela Young is the principal of Campbellton Middle School. Angela demonstrates strong leadership skills by recognizing the strengths of others and encourages them to take on leadership roles. She consistently compliments and celebrates successes which inspires and motivates her staff. Angela believes in challenging students and focuses on practices that will help students become confident lifelong learners.

Angela is a strong advocate for inclusion. She has provided time for teachers to meet within their instructional day to discuss, plan and create optimal accommodations and interventions for students. Angela is flexible, creative, and persistent when responding to the diverse needs of learners. She has built a very positive, trusting and safe environment for students, staff and families. She is always willing to listen to ideas and try new things, as student and staff morale is a priority to her. She understands and values the community and has reached out to many partners who have supported enrichment for students. Angela has gained the respect of students, families and staff due to her understanding, compassion and willingness to accommodate.


Ginger Carson
Devon Middle School

Ginger Carson was a teacher and First Nation Literacy Lead at Devon Middle School. She is a passionate educator who exudes and instills enthusiasm toward learning and ensuring the success of all students. Ginger has focused on closing the math and literacy gap by engaging her learners through the introduction of innovative programs such as the “Show me your Math”. She also implemented meaningful reading interventions and book studies for First Nation learners. Students at Devon Middle School received the Inaugural Indigenous Youth Writing Award in 2017 because of Ginger’s leadership and commitment to this initiative.

Gingers success in her endeavors is due largely to her ability to build relationships and work collaboratively with her colleagues. She has expanded her knowledge of Indigenous culture through attendance at the National Indspire Conference for the past three years; she has served on the planning committee for Objective 6 of the 10 Year Education Plan; she has organized First Nations professional development days for staff at both Devon and Nashwaaksis Middle schools and has been a valued member of the Educational Support Services Team. Most importantly, Ginger has made dramatic differences in the lives of the diverse students she serves. 


Sheila Morgan
Summerhill Street Elementary School 

Sheila Morgan is a Grade 4 Teacher at Summerhill Street Elementary School where she works attentively and passionately with hard-to-serve children, especially students who are considered high needs, and at risk. She believes that making connections and building relationships is critical for learning and achievement. Sheila impresses upon children that being safe, respectful and accountable are all values that are an important part of success both at school and beyond. In Sheila’s care, learners are taught that kindness is a quality that can never be understated; and she helps each student feel like they are uniquely special and that all their gifts are an important contribution to the classroom.

Sheila is a community-minded individual who recognizes the pressure and anxiety that is often present in military families. She understands deployment and the impact that this has on the entire family, and especially the children. Sheila is flexible, patient and incredibly giving of herself. She provides strong leadership for students and her compassion makes a difference in their lives.


Alice Sewell
Fredericton High School

Alice Sewell has been teaching for 40 years, most recently at Fredericton High School in Math and Science. It has been through these years that she has personalized her approach to more intentionally meet learners where they are. She listens to the needs of students and adjusts her instruction and assessment of curriculum accordingly. Alice offers wisdom and guidance in a variety of leadership opportunities. She has served on curriculum development committees and provincial assessment advisories. Her reputation as a teacher who gets results has made her the obvious choice to serve on theses provincial teams.

Alice is a teacher who raises the bar compelling students and colleagues to elevate their standards as well. She proves to her students that it is important to take risks, set goals, plan for success and contribute to the well being of those around them.