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District Awards


Armand Doucet, ASD-E

Armand Doucet inspired and mentored staff and students at Riverview Middle School to believe that they can achieve anything. Armand is an active member of the Core Leadership Team, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and a PSSC representative. He is also co-leader of the ICT team in charge of developing and implementing the technology plan for the school including professional development, websites for teachers, and technology integration in the classroom. His student–centred approach to physical education, physical literacy, and health led to the development of a health report card with personal fitness objectives set by individual students and resulted in 85% improving or maintaining their personal fitness scores. He also delivered a testing program for multiple intelligences, predominant personality traits and characteristics, and created a corresponding student data base that provided information to all staff individualizing student learning.

Armand works tirelessly offering tutoring and enrichment opportunities. He leads extracurricular athletic training, yoga, and dance, as well as the cross-curricular group of our literacy and numeracy project. He develops creative ways to reach all students by initiating student-centred, cross-curricular activities that emphasize problem solving while building self-confidence and encouraging accountability. From academic, athletic, social-emotional development, entrepreneurship, global citizenship, digital literacy, or participation in extracurricular activities, his students are brilliant examples of what can be achieved in the positive learning environment he creates.


Kelly White, ASD-E

Kelly White is a dedicated kindergarten teacher at Lou MacNarin School who packs more learning into one day than most ever thought possible. She is a leader with exceptional organizational skills. She is able to manage significant amounts of data to inform the instruction of the elementary team, create heterogeneous classes, analyze Early Years Evaluation Direct Assessment results to identify the learning needs of each child, and match each child with the appropriate teacher and class that would best support their successful transition to school.

Kelly is always working to build on the school’s capacity as a learning community and she generously volunteers her time and expertise to support other’s professional growth. Kelly is considered to be the resident expert on the early years literacy materials and a master teacher who creates a learning environment focused on progress driven by data. Her highly structured classroom is a beehive of diverse learning opportunities, which focuses on student engagement using individually designed learning activities. She is always looking for opportunities to help parents provide learning activities beyond the classroom to support their child’s skills.


Mark Perry, ASD-S

Mark Perry is a dedicated and innovative teacher at Kennebecasis Valley High School. Mark’s experience as a high school teacher, SPR, teacher of university classes, presenter at Subject Councils, contributor to curriculum development, and work as an Inclusion Facilitator for the Hampton Education Centre are only some of the examples of the leadership roles he has pursued. His passion for teaching History and commitment to building student leaders is evident in the development of the Kennebecasis Valley Memorial Project Team. Mark has initiated and guided student-led projects which have resulted in the writing of three books depicting the stories of local soldiers who died in WWI or WWII. Their latest book is called, “The Soldiers of the Valley”.

Mark provides an all-inclusive classroom whereby all students are encouraged and supported to learn and be successful. He teaches them to examine past and present events involving a variety of complex social and political issues using different perspectives. His door is always open and students flock to his desk to continue or initiate discussions about topics from class and current affairs. Mark’s professionalism and genuine compassion for others has been an inspiration for his students, colleagues, and the community.


Rose-Marie Thériault, ASD-S

Rose-Marie Thériault is a Grade 6 teacher at River Valley Middle School with a seemingly endless amount of energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. She plays a pivotal role in the school’s professional development by giving presentations in Literacy, Quantum Learning, and teaming in middle school. She is also an active member of River Valley’s Leadership Team. Rose-Marie can often be found working with students before school, after school, and on the side lines when coaching track and field events.

Rose-Marie believes in educating the whole child by having her students experience the rewards of being a part of something bigger than themselves through passion, appreciation, and empathy for other people and cultures. She created the school’s Nature Club which quickly earned the “Green School” status and participated in the Marigold Project where her students earned the distinction of being part of a Guinness Book of World Records. The Sugar Bush project, the Fish Friends project, and the Pen Pal project are only a few of her other initiatives she has led to help her students make real world connections as she guides them to be the best that they can be.


JoAnn Watters, ASD-S

JoAnn Watters, a Grade 2 teacher at Princess Elizabeth School, personifies what every teacher should be through her dedication, caring, and professionalism. She never stops! JoAnn is able to pack 25 hours of work into an 8 hour day and she never misses a teachable moment. She makes every student feel special and every teacher want to be a better teacher and person. As an adoptive mom of two daughters with exceptionalities, her passion for inclusion and positive attitude are simply a part of who she is and who others strive to be like.

JoAnn is truly a gifted teacher. Her lesson plans are meticulous and she knows every student’s strengths and weaknesses in all subject levels. JoAnn learned sign language and taught it to a student who was nonverbal and autistic so that they could communicate. She holds dance parties to celebrate when a student reaches his or her reading level goal, requests the extremely challenging students to be in her class, encourages students to do “appreciations of each other”, and is the “queen of fundraising”. JoAnn is positive and professional as a mom, teacher, colleague, mentor, and friend and we are grateful to have her at our school. 


David Steeves, ASD-W

David Steeves is an outstanding professional, mentor, teacher, leader, and musician trained in voice, piano, and organ. He is responsible for renewing and reviving the arts program at Devon Middle School. At the Fredericton Music Festival, his Pop Band won gold and the Concert Band won silver. He can often be heard saying, “Aren’t they just fabulous!” spoken with so much pride and enthusiasm, it is contagious. David has a natural talent for engaging students and takes the time to connect with each student on a personal level regardless of their learning styles, cultural backgrounds, behaviours, and abilities.

David exudes a passion for teaching and a compassion for people. He is an extraordinary role model for staff and students. He is truly committed to educating the whole child and making a lasting, positive impact on their lives. He has boundless energy, tireless patience, and a gifted ability to pull greatness out of struggling students. David’s positive attitude contributes to the positive learning environment at the school and somehow he is still able to feel invigorated at the end of a busy day. David Steeves is Devon Middle School’s “happiest man in the world”.


Lori Thompson. ASD-W

Lori Thompson is a dedicated Resource teacher at Fredericton High School. Lori has worked in collaboration with UNB to pilot the Passport Portfolio Program which focuses on “can do” statements in order to address the needs of individual learners in an inclusive classroom and is now being implemented in schools across Canada. Lori’s French classroom was famous for its chandelier, sofas, and cozy corners for working and reading. She brought that creative style to the resource department by initiating renovations that created a space for Best Buddies to work, a therapy area, and an overall more positive and uplifting area in which to work.

Lori is the first to foresee challenges and then reach out to outside agencies to look for new strategies, techniques, and technologies to support literacy and numeracy needs. She also ensures the communication, independence, life skills and interpersonal relationship skills are supported for all of her students. Lori works diligently to enhance the quality of learning for all of her students and her effectiveness is evident in the success stories of the students’ whose lives she has touched.


Angela Thomson, ASD-W

Angela Thomson is the esteemed Vice-Principal at Ridgeview Middle School. Angela is the liaison for the UNB student interns, was one of the initial teachers to model the PIF program at the middle level, and is often in demand to present workshops to colleagues. She uses technology and innovative practices effectively to increase student engagement and learning. Angela has been instrumental in organizing and leading many student activities from coaching softball and volleyball, to fundraising, initiating a school drama program, and organizing class trips.

Angela has built strong relationships with her students and their families based on her communication skills and reputation for following through. She ensures classrooms are inclusive and contributes to an inclusive school culture by being flexible, creative, and persistent. Her leadership skills are reflected in her deep commitment to teaching, impeccable organization, thorough attention to detail, and her ability to recognize, support, and encourage the leadership potential of others.


Vivian Kierstead, ASD-N

Vivian Kierstead is the outstanding principal at Dr. Losier Middle School. Vivian exemplifies why teaching is a profession and not a job. She is an exemplary leader and team member who has developed the staff into a flexible professional learning community. Under her leadership the school has been recognized for its exemplary Education Support Services Team and its effective response to intervention. She leads by example and her willingness to reflect on herself as a teacher encourages all staff members to be equally willing to grow by acknowledging where they are and how they could improve.

Vivian has worked extensively on common assessments, Universal Design for Learning, differentiation, and data-driven math interventions in an effort to ensure that all students are able to progress successfully. She makes a connection with every student in the building and they frequently come to her to share their best and worst moments. She initiated the Knights Program, Token Program, Challenge Cup Program, and WEB leaders. No matter what challenges you are facing Vivian always has a great suggestion or idea to help. Vivian Kierstead advocates, models, and inspires those she works with and for every day.


John Mann, ASD-N

John Mann is the talented and enthusiastic music teacher at Superior Middle School. He has taught visual arts, industrial arts, technology, and music and is a master at all of these domains. John volunteers endless hours by running a guitar club, audiovisual club, and he has coached both basketball and soccer. He makes learning fun and prides himself on knowing every child in the school by teaching all students to play at least one musical instrument.

John is not only the “go to” technology guy, but he is also the teacher and colleague that other staff members count on to lend a hand with anything they may need. He is welcoming to all students and has something nice to say about everyone. John is a role model for staff and students and demonstrates daily how a kind heart and a few positive words can change someone’s day in a positive way.