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District Awards


Barbara Bourque

Barbara Bourque is known for her calm demeanour and hard work in her role as EST Numeracy.  Teachers in Anglophone School District North find Barb's manner both reassuring and contagious.  A serious team player who puts in countless hours of work, Barb is described as a teacher who is always willing to share and pass on her knowledge of mathematics.

Barb is known as a dedicated mentor who gives up countless breaks, preparation periods and noon hours to work with staff or students to improve both learning and instruction.  When teachers hear of an opportunity to work with Barb, they make a mad dash to access as much of her time as possible.  The eager demand for her time is a testament to Barb's commitment to building effective, collegial relationships.

Within the classroom, Barb delivers lessons that are engaging, student-centered and differentiated to meet the needs of all learners.  A strong advocate of using data to inform targeted instruction, she always develops plans that meet the diverse learning needs in the classroom.

Making connections is a priority to Barb—not just with colleagues, but with individual students and parents as well.  Those who work with Barb are quickly infected by her passion, and leave feeling inspired, motivated, encouraged and eager to do more for students.


Pierre Plourde

Plourde is a leader who leads by example.  As principal of George Street Middle School, Pierre sets an example for staff at his school to pursue professional growth by continually looking for ways to improve his own knowledge, skills and abilities.

Under Pierre’s leadership, George Street Middle School is a model of continuous school improvement.  Pierre provides effective guidance, a focus on a team approach, and a clear expectation that all staff will contribute to the success of every student. The result is an inclusive and positive learning environment.

Pierre’s background in science and math is evident in his unrelenting enthusiasm for math instruction.  As noted by a student, “M. Plourde is the best teacher I have had in my learning career because of his energetic attitude, his knowledge of the subjects he teaches, and his unbreakable will to always be in a good mood when he comes into the classroom.”

Pierre is a determined champion for the effective use of technology in schools.  He exhausts all avenues to locate technology resources for his school, and to provide his staff with professional development in the use of technology in the classroom.  He is also an active ambassador in the community, seeking opportunities for student involvement in community projects such as Harvest Jazz and Blues and Science East.


Jean Anne Green

A teacher at Florenceville Middle School, Jean Anne Green clearly sees her profession as her calling.  She is a born leader and a fearless team player who goes beyond developing her own teaching skills to supporting her co-workers as life-long learners, individual professionals, and members of a community of educators.

Jean Anne relies on her understanding of multiple intelligences as she plans classroom activities with all of her students in mind.  She provides a variety of options for her students to demonstrate their learning, and employs strategies like project-based learning, multiple explanations and demonstrations to help her students achieve the learning outcomes.

Jean Anne fosters relationships inside and outside the classroom through her involvement in clubs, activities and positive communication between home and school.  In the classroom, Jean Anne encourages team building and leadership, and she provides for extended learning, ensuring that her students have access to a range of learning technologies.

Jean Anne is known as a professional leader, devoted to mentoring, supporting and leading professional growth.  She contributes to professional development sessions in her school and district in the area of science, a subject in which she demonstrates a commitment to life-long learning.


Melissa Esty

In her role as Educational Support Teacher-Resource at North and South Esk Elementary School, Melissa Esty is known as a visionary educator.  She works consistently to achieve full inclusion in the school. Melissa is a leader in offering creative solutions and collaborating with staff and parents.

Melissa is a natural communicator who effortlessly enables positive and productive team dialogue and discussions.  She has a unique ability to articulate issues and ideas clearly as she shares her knowledge with colleagues.

Co-workers appreciate Melissa's welcoming and friendly demeanour, which builds a sense of belonging and community, particularly with students.  She collaborates extensively with families and community partners to ensure advocacy for children.  Melissa ensures that whatever assistance and aid is required for effective classroom practice is provided, and she tailors strategies to match individual and group needs.

Melissa is an active and welcome partner in moving her school forward through her contributions to PLCs and the School Improvement Plan.  She exceeds expectations and stands as a model of professionalism and life-long learning.


John Tanner

In the brief time since he assumed the position of principal of Fundy High School, John Tanner has made an impression as a dedicated and outstanding leader who provides a positive example for his staff.  Since he began in September 2012, John has helped create a school climate where individuals feel welcome and encouraged to participate.  His attention to building rapport is evidenced through the flourishing of both staff and students.

John demonstrates a caring and compassionate manner.  He quickly learned many students’ names and would then initiate conversations with them about their academic, athletic or personal lives.

John encourages student attendance in imaginative ways, such as maintaining a connection with students who need support in attending by contacting their cell phones.  John also actively cultivates leadership by supporting student council initiatives.

Known for his humility and his respect for others, John has been described as “a fair and just man who cares deeply for his students and staff.”


Dean Grattan

Dean Grattan is an inspiration to his co-workers at Oromocto High School as he helps build an understanding of the 21st-century learning paradigm.  He actively contributes to his school's incorporation of technology in effective learning and teaching strategies.  Dean has taken a lead role in various technology-related projects in the school, including establishing a closed-circuit video system. He has also participated in district and school committees to advance and showcase the use of technology in the school.

Dean provides an environment where students feel safe and encouraged to rise to the challenges of an exciting, fun and energetic classroom.  Dean develops and maintains an excellent rapport with his students, encouraging them to become technological and innovative leaders.  He builds relationships with his students that are enriched by a sincere interest in their world, including the importance of technology and social media.  Dean helps students explore their individual interests, express their unique creativity and develop their particular talents.  His co-workers recognize Dean for his relevant, meaningful lessons that effectively incorporate technology and cross-curricular outcomes.

Oromocto High School greatly benefits from this committed teacher who is known to arrive early and leave late, and who is no stranger to weekends spent at the school.


Tanya Bostick

Celebrated by her colleagues as a leader, Tanya Bostick is also renowned as the teacher responsible for ensuring that the “halls of Tantramar are alive with the sound of music.”  The halls are those of Tantramar Regional High School, where she teaches music to Grade 9-12 students.

Tanya is committed to helping all of her students learn and appreciate music, and she provides them with unique and interesting opportunities to do so.  She delivers the curriculum so that her students enjoy ample flexibility and choice to demonstrate their growing appreciation of music.  Yearly increases in enrolment are evidence that Tanya’s music classes are connecting with the students.

Tanya works tirelessly to reach each individual student and enable every student to excel in music.  She has created an encouraging and supportive learning environment, which has assisted some students to breaking through stereotypes and succeed with dedication and pride.

Professional and community involvement are priorities for Tanya, and educators across the district consider her a professional leader.  Her active pursuit of community support for the school music program has resulted in contributions that have supplied new instruments, facilities and opportunities for her students.


Kathy Young

Kathy Young, principal of Glen Falls Elementary School, provides inspiration and encouragement through her leadership.  A passionate educator, Kathy demonstrates a clear vision, positive mission and firm conviction as she supports her staff in the ongoing work of school improvement and progress. She encourages her staff's commitment to this common goal by always taking the time to celebrate milestones achieved along the way.

Kathy demonstrates her commitment to maintaining an intimate knowledge of her students and her school by planning teaching schedules so that she teaches every class in the school at least once each week.  In this way, she provides her staff with a regular planning time while enabling herself to interact with every student in her school.  Kathy also engages in recess duty on a daily basis, and provides leadership in extra-curricular activities such as hockey and Leadership Team.

Kathy invests countless hours in school programs that will enhance the lives of students and the community.  She spearheads the FAST program (Families and Schools Together) and actively works to enhance school facilities and supports through partnerships, grants and fundraising.


Paul Holder

Recently retired, Paul Holder was known as a dynamic teacher and educational mentor.  His passion and enthusiasm for the teaching of mathematics shone through in his high school classroom, during professional development sessions, and even at administrative meetings.  Paul inspired his colleagues at St. Malachy's Memorial High School with his dedication to lifelong learning, his impeccable mathematical ability, and his tireless quest for innovative ways to share his knowledge with both staff and students.

In his position as SPR for mathematics, Paul modeled professionalism and fairness.  He ensured that both the challenges and the rewards of teaching mathematics were shared equitably across the entire department's teaching assignments.  Paul stood out for his welcoming personality and his ability to explain even the most difficult concept in simple terms.

Paul was recognized as a teacher who strives to make learning accessible to all learners.  He would arrive early and stay late so he would always be there to offer extra help to students.  Paul was particularly effective in his use of formative assessment to ensure that every student was learning.  In the classroom, Paul expressed his love of technology as he created an infectious learning climate that students found exceptionally engaging.

Paul worked diligently to create an environment of inclusion and educational excellence that pushed students to believe in their ability to master mathematical skills.


Donna Dealy

In her direct work in classrooms and in her involvement in Riverview High School’s Student Learning Centre, Donna Dealy’s greatest asset is her ability to convince students that she cares for them and that they are worth caring for.  Donna meets her students “where they are” and creates a welcoming environment that cultivates respect among students and between students and herself.

Donna is recognized as the Education Support Teacher who works to help students solve problems in teams, manage their own work, engage in discussions and learn through technology.

Partnering in learning, Donna has actively shared her knowledge of UDL and best practices with colleagues on her staff.  Team teaching and coaching are her strengths, and she provides a wide range of exemplar models and supports for supporting diverse learners.

Donna has demonstrated professionalism through her dedication to ongoing learning, and she embraced universal design strategies before they became a provincial initiative.  A catalyst for collegial growth, Donna helps all teachers grow so they can ensure all students are learning.  Her enthusiasm and passion are infectious, inspiring others to follow her example.  It has been said of Donna, that, “she simply models, and others follow.”