Government of New Brunswick

District Awards

School District 2:  Adam Rogerson

Gunningsville School Principal Adam Rogerson is dedicated to teaching the whole child. An innovator, and a master of the mechanics of teaching, Rogerson has brought emphasis to math, scoring 100 per cent on the Provincial Assessment for Grade 5; science, with his Seeds for Space Program; literacy, with the Reading Buddies after school program and his strong physical education program, which engages every student with a daily noon hour intramural program. Rogerson possesses every attribute: intelligent, hard working, empathetic, creative and wonderful to both adults and children. Under his instructional leadership, Gunningsville School has provided a safe and welcoming environment for all students, staff and parents.

School District 6:  Belinda Oram

Currently a Grade 8 teacher at Hampton Middle School, Belinda Oram spends countless hours preparing lesson plans and has a keen ability to quickly identify the type of learner each individual student is. She instils in her students the importance of respect for others, and for themselves. Parents praise her willingness to work through her lunches to help students get caught up, to stay after school to help them with their labs, and her offer to students to call her at home if they are having problems with an assignment. Parents and colleagues note Oram's work outside the classroom as well and truly appreciate that "she puts 100 per cent into everything she does", from coaching basketball and volleyball to chaperoning dances. A colleague relates overhearing students talking about their teachers and describing Oram as "strict but fair, interesting and helpful - she's a good teacher."

School District 8  Kimberley McCormick

A member of the teaching staff at River Valley Middle School for about 17 years, Kimberley McCormick's passion for teaching math and science is reflected in the creative and innovative ways she approaches teaching and learning. McCormick is involved at the school, district, and provincial levels on various committees and professional development activities. She happily shares her expertise and ideas with others. Most recently, McCormick was asked to meet with provincial consultants to review the Mathematics Achievement Standards for Grades 4 to 6, having been involved in the review of Atlantic Canada Mathematics Achievement Standards

School District 10:  Robert Griffin

Teaching English Language Arts to middle level and high school students, Robert Griffin has been a valued educator in the community of Grand Manan for over 18 years. Griffin's enthusiasm and dedication in the classroom has earned him great respect from parents, colleagues and, most importantly, from his students. He has an incredible ability to create a vibrant learning climate in his classroom by using teaching strategies that are both innovative and creative. Most notably, Griffin has become proficient in integrating technology in the classroom and using technology to differentiate instruction to better meet the needs of his students. In short, Griffin is a model teacher whose dynamic approach in the classroom will continue to benefit the youth of Grand Manan for years to come.

School District 14:  Donna Seymour

A principal at Nackawic Senior High School, Donna Seymour is described as an innovative, creative and dedicated teacher. She exhibits a keen knowledge of not only her subject matter but also of her students. Seymour is really aware of each of her students' specific needs by identifying in advance potential problems or areas of difficulty or concern. Students benefit directly from her initiatives, which have contributed to the retention of students in school who otherwise might have chosen to drop out. Her dynamic approach and involvement in teaching at all levels of the education process, within class and school and her interactions with the students, parents and community extends to seeing that each individual is fairly and consistently treated with respect and sincere concern. Seymour is also involved at the district and provincial level and she serves on various committees involving the betterment of her school.

School District 15:  David DeLong

For more than 30 years David DeLong has taught at Dalhousie Regional High School, and in that time he has established himself as a gifted educator who inspires his students to achieve their potential. DeLong is an English teacher who has helped thousands of students develop strengths in basic literacy skills as well as in appreciating some of the greatest works in the canon of English literature. He will be retiring at the end of this school year, and to honour his long and outstanding career, his current and former students have created a website called "Raise the Roof for DeLong!"

School District 16:  Toby Daigle

Known as a conscientious and hardworking teacher, Toby Daigle is a leader in embracing new methodologies and technologies that enhance her teaching and her students' learning. Daigle teaches at Rexton Elementary School where she is presently involved in an innovative project coupling Smart Technologies with Bridgit Software, and has her class teamed with a class in Winnipeg.

School District 17:  Dan Duguay

Besides Dan Duguay's extensive career as a classroom teacher and a principal of Coles Island School, he is also the poet laureate of School District 17. Duguay has worked his theatrical skills into his work with students, teaching them how to play guitars or how to write a play for the drama festival. His passion is his family and the staff and students of Coles Island.

School District 18:  Jacqueline Fortner

For 20 years Jackie Fortner has had experience teaching at elementary, middle and high school, but her passion is teaching at elementary. Fortner teaches at Garden Creek Elementary School and has been the school's acting vice-principal since January. She oversees the Drama Club, is leadership co-ordinator for the Grades 4 and 5 students, volunteers to mentor two student teachers every year, and is involved with teacher wellness and is always looking at ways to promote wellness at Garden Creek School. Fortner is a committed educator who wilfully commits many extra hours through the week above and beyond regular working hours to support student activities.