Government of New Brunswick

District Awards

School District 2:  Norm Delano

The personal approach best describes Norm Delano, principal of Havelock School. He visits classes, routinely talks with students, and is supportive of initiatives and efforts of all staff. Delano's 2G (Get & Give) program promotes the importance of students being respectful and helpful to others. He knows every child and the child's family, and deals with them compassionately. As a result of his personal initiative and his creative ways of fulfilling it, Havelock school has become known for its pleasant, comfortable, family atmosphere.

School District 6:  Sherrry Fulton

Currently teaching a combined grade 2-3 class at Quispamsis Elementary School, Sherry Fulton has been teaching for 29 years, and over one-third of her career has been in a combined class. Her love of children and her passion for teaching are evident in her daily activities. Fulton takes every opportunity to connect her students to life beyond the classroom. She has a strong commitment to involving parents by using class newsletters, event notes to keep families updated, and having parents in the classroom as volunteers. She has been a leader in literacy and providing physical activity for students. Fulton has been a role model for interns and beginning teachers.

School District 8  Michael Cusack

Since 1999 Michael Cusack has been teaching at Simonds High School. As an educator and as a person he is innovative, dynamic and a contributor. He has invested time and energy to develop new and better ways to teach broad-based technology, and the results are paying off in classrooms around the province. His willingness to embrace new technologies and combine them with conventional methods is something from which all teachers can draw inspiration.

School District 10:  Linda Justason

Teaching primary level students at Pennfield Elementary School, Linda Justason has been a model teacher for students, parents and colleagues. She is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of her students, and works tirelessly at ensuring that they reach their potential to become lifelong learners. Justason's kind and caring manner in the classroom is balanced by the expectation that all students can learn and achieve success regardless of what obstacles may stand in their way. Justason has always encouraged individuality in her students, and has continually motivated them to celebrate their differences and uniqueness.

School District 14:  Norma Gene Jones

As a member of Keswick Valley Memorial School's primary team, Norma Gene Jones has proven to be a team player, a great citizen of the school and the community, a champion of all students, a supporter of staff, and an ambassador for the school. Her concern for students reaches beyond the classroom where she is always ready, willing and able to lend a helping hand. In addition to making the curriculum come alive, she urges students toward individual and class-citizenship goals as a means of developing the whole child. The community is her classroom and her classroom is the community. Her skill and dedication motivate those around her, raising the quality of teaching and learning in everyone.

School District 15:  James Chamberlain

As teacher-co-ordinator of the Bathurst Alternative Learning Centre, James Chamberlain has worked with at-risk and troubled youth for almost 20 years. He is known for his dedication to his students, refusing to give up on them, even when most of their social supports have crumbled. Chamberlain is determined to make a difference for all students who pass through his centre, and many adults return years later to thank him for not giving up on them. He is energetic and upbeat, and his professional life is spent in pursuit of the crucial moments when young people decide to believe in themselves.

School District 16:  Tammy McIntyre

As professional teacher, Tammy McIntyre is caring, conscientious, hardworking, and innovative. She is well grounded in her subject matter, and is a leader in embracing new methodologies and technologies that enhance her teaching and her students' learning. Of greatest significance is McIntyre's training and use of quantum-learning techniques and differentiated-instruction techniques.

School District 17:  Mary Mesheau

A principal at Summerhill Elementary School, Mary Mesheau's extensive career has included classroom teacher, vice-principal, principal, supervisor, and director of education. She has focused on building knowledge, both with students and with other teachers. Mesheau works with staff to establish teams who consult and collaborate, and the result of this practice is enhanced student achievement.

School District 18:  Cheryl Robertson

A teacher of English at Fredericton High School, Cheryl Robertson, has consistently demonstrated compassion and respect for her students. She constantly pushes students to achieve their best, and uses innovative project work and instructional approaches to enhance learning. Robertson's monthly coffee house provides students with a forum to explore current events, while at the same time enhancing their social, academic and cultural growth.