Government of New Brunswick

As part of the provincial initiative for off-road vehicle motorized trails, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure advises the public that very limited use of some provincial highways for short distance off-road vehicle usage will be authorized.

Identified sections of New Brunswick highways may potentially be shared by all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and vehicular traffic. However, highway usage permits will be required.

The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure continues to work with the New Brunswick All Terrain Vehicle Federation and the New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs to help identify which highways are required to supply crucial links to allow off-road vehicles to connect to segments of managed trails or get access to needed supplies and services when it is impossible to otherwise obtain.

In order for a limited stretch of highway to be utilized by off-road vehicles, a Highway Usage Permit must first be obtained by the relevant trail federation.

The existence of off-road vehicles on provincial highways may be indicated by signage placed onto the highways by the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure indicating a highway crossing or limited lineal highway travel.